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Restaurant Marketing Idea with a 60 Second Time-Lapse Video


Open your mind to the next restaurant marketing idea.  This marketing idea uses video.  The video can be of the exterior area of your community (with your restaurant included).  If you prefer, it might be for a dinner plate which starts empty and then becomes a masterpiece from your menu.

How will your video be remarkable in such a way that your guests will share it? Can you educate, inform and make them SMink = Smile and think at the same time?  

A marketer's wish:  "How can I get someone to say the name of my restaurant?"

The five essentials to business success includes "be unbelievable". If the message is delivered in such a way which has people scratching their head, you are making progress.

Considering the three basic ways to improve sales:

  1. New customers.
  2. Increase frequency of visits.
  3. Increase dollar of transaction.

... a video similar to Eric's would attract new customers and with the right type of video, potentially increase the transaction average.

Eirik Solheim has created a remarkable time-lapse video showing a year in Oslo, Norway in only 60 seconds.

The video shows the changing seasons in one wooded area. Take 60 seconds to admire the vibrant transitions of a year in nature.

The video can be played for those who enter the restaurant to entice them to a special product.  The video can be shared via social media but more importantly, your guests will be inspired to share.

You can replicate this - Learn how the video was made here.

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