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Restaurant Marketing Idea: Serve Addictive Foods


In the article on TLC:  Top 5 Most Addictive Foods  by Debra Ronca you will read about how humans have an 'addiction' to certain kinds of foods.  After reading the article, restaurant marketing ideas immediately come to mind.

The third food on the list said to be addictive is:

Cheese Please!

  • Cheese-lover's pizza.
  • Cheeseburgers.
  • Cheese fries.
  • Cheese curds.
  • Cheese plates.

We have a love affair with cheese, and it's not pretty.

Here's something you might not know about cheese (and why it has such a hold on some of us). A study in 1981 found traces of morphine in cow's milk. That's right -- morphine, the opiate. It's definitely in tiny amounts, but it's there.

It turns out cows -- and humans -- can produce morphine in their bodies. Researchers believe it's in the milk to help a baby bond with its mother.

The other addictive ingredient in cheese is casein. Casein is a protein that, during digestion, releases substances called casomorphins. Casomorphins also have an opiate effect.

This is already sparking a new idea in your mind... and it has to do with "more cheese".  Very few understand one of the reasons people continue to dine at your restaurant could very well be from 'addiction'.

Other addictive foods and links to more research:

Now that I think about it, someone has already thought of the idea to base a restaurant business on chocolate, sugar, cheese, caffeinated beverages and junk / fast food.

It has already proven to be successful. It is important to remember that as people are searching a menu, they may be looking for something specific to their 'addiction'. Naming menu items becomes an opportunity to inspire them to order more.


Human addictions (aka preferences) may be the real challenge to "serve only healthy".

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