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Hot Chocolate Sticks - The Movie


Hot chocolate sticks are more than an idea and one which should have any restaurateur raising an eyebrow.  Instead of going more generic with the lowest cost products available from your food supplier (Which are offered and served by every other restaurant on the street), be inspired by the amazing and awesomeness of  This video is about Hot Chocolate Sticks (For which I give two thumbs up) but in reality it is a video to keep you thinking with more imagination for how to connect with the guests by offering something memorable with more restaurant marketing ideas.

The concept is for Hot Chocoloate Sticks is simple: Take very good chocolate, melt it, add cocoa and powdered sugar, pipe into a mold, add a stick, and call yourself Willy Wonka. 

When I was a child, Rice Krispie Marshmallow Treats were a standard dessert since they were almost the cheapest dessert parents of seven kids could afford.  Then the simple dessert turned into a standard snack sold around the world. Do not dismiss 'simple'.

Here is a video to entice and tantalize you.

Hot Chocolate Sticks - The Movie:



I wonder if you could use dark chocolate?

Thinking about Valentines Day?  Just around the corner! 

Be sure to reach out to  Kristi from the alpine desert of Southwest Colorado to say; "I love your Hot Chocolate Sticks!"  Then follow her lead, get inspired and keep people smiling.

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