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Function Food Restaurant Marketing

function food

Function food restaurant marketing requires high local traffic, big signs, speedy service and the basics in place for execution.  Large portions doesn't hurt for customers who worry more about volume than flavor.  (Sad but true.)

Function food is for people who eat simply to refuel the body and think very little about what they are spooning into their mouths.

Just make sure it's not terrible"

"As long as you aren't rude"

"Short lines are better because I am in a hurry"

... are thoughts that hurry-up guests may have rambling around in their heads. 

A large part of the population struggles to survive the day.  Eating might be more trouble than it is worth since there are only 30 minutes for lunch.  In addition to a time limit, the boss is a clock watcher.  Traffic encumbers travel to and from the lunch spot and is a reminder to pack lunch tomorrow.  The next morning, the thought about packing a lunch is forgotten as they race out the door to work.

Low maintenance and low in loyalty are ways to describe these hurry-up diners who survive because the word "go" is their top priority.

Marketing successfully to these scurrying folks is part timing and a little luck. A convenient location that can't be missed is an obvious plus.  Drive-thru windows are almost heaven for function food eaters except when competition of other function food diners jams the lane.

If a restaurant manager is marketing a restaurant based on chance and hoping to catch more of those interested in function food, think of it as an opportunity.

Focus on creating delightfully incredible bites, and the smiles will be big enough to warm the heart. Personalized attention actually distracts the diner from "surviving the day" to "there is hope for a better day"!

Every day an opportunity exists for free restaurant marketing.  Turning guests from function food dining into experiencing memorable lunches increases their frequency to the point where they never again think about packing a brown bag lunch.

This is not just an restaurant marketing idea, this is a personal testimonial based on past experiences. 

Watch for these survivors as they visit your restaurant.  Their eyes are glazed and their voices are monotone.  Make their day, give them hope and watch your sales go up.

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