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Munchery is Taking Over with Better Restaurant Marketing

The email subject line from Munchery today said "Misoyaki Glazed Salmon". That gets my attention immediately. Take a peek at the bait Munchery used to get an order:
- says Mike




The origins of this dish can be traced back to island culinary mastermind Roy Yamaguchi from the legendary Roy's Asian Fusion Cuisine. A fillet of salmon is glazed with a sweet and savory misoyaki sauce, then it's topped with a traditional Hawaiian tomato vinaigrette for acidity. Quite simply, this fish is melt-in-your-mouth-good. Rice seasoned with furikake flakes and steamed baby bok choy round out this elegant meal.

Munchery has to work a little differently since there is no experience inside a restaurant. To keep you extra confident about your experience, they offer a guarantee right up front. - says Mike


Munchery Promise

We want you to be completely satisfied. If you're not, please let us know.
We'll gladly give you a refund for any items that didn't meet your expectations.

Need help? Feel free to contact us

There are other great photos of highlighted main dishes in the email. This sounds pretty good. Guaranteed, delivered to my home, I can enjoy the delights of Munchery. Then they make another offer. - Mike 


Yes. You can be my friend. Go ahead and click above or use the link HERE to get $20 off your first order.   - says Mike

Here is how it works with Munchery - click here >    

Your restaurant has just been out-marketed. They send emails with "What's on our menu tonight", with photos, and a special invitation. They are hoping to appeal to hunger of delightful flavors,  with a guarantee PLUS an opportunity to be rewarded by sending our friends.

This company will silently impact even the best restaurants - because of the marketing.

Restaurateurs won't notice the change because the tiny declines in revenue will not be dramatic. A few drop in points here, a few dollars there and over time there is a significant drop in revenue.


There is absolutely no reason for any awesome restaurant not to do the same with email, a website and referral system. It does take someone to think big and make a commitment to do more than "wait for business".

Local restaurant?

A local restaurant might have it a bit easier since there is not a need to have a mapping system for the entire country. If your restaurant is dine-in and carry-out only, this email still applies! The invitation is to then dine-in or pick-up the meals. The point is to use email to show what's cooking tonight and make it as easy as possible for people to order.

I have experienced this and overcame the threat

I have been here. The new type of business comes to town and they are under the radar. There is no obvious business and restaurateurs are unaware. The declines happen very gradually and there is not an understanding as to why.

Grocery stores now have ready made delis - which have stolen business from restaurants. Munchery is now stealing restaurant customers.

A quick comment about Munchery

The food has great flavor and I have to admit when it was my turn to cook, I got all the credit - even though I ordered it from Munchery. Everyone was very happy and impressed. The communication and service from Munchery is outstanding with texts to say "on our way" and "almost at your house".  

You should try it

Again, if you own or manage a restaurant - or not... click this link to get your $20 off your first order and give it a try. Consider where you are missing opportunities as you munch on the Munchery dinner.

It is sad to see many awesome restaurants with restaurateurs working 60+ hours per week to keep guests smiling and happy. There are opportunities in the new world of media and technology, I hope you consider how to take advantage of them.  


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