Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Crazy Restaurant Marketing Idea: Forget About the Restaurant Menu

How long has your restaurant menu been in place?  How in touch are you? Is your restaurant menu old and tired?  Does it meet the real need of the guests?

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Guerrilla Marketing for Restaurants With Zillow

Zillow is a free tool online that almost anyone can use to create a quick and simple restaurant marketing campaign in their local community. You may think of this tool as a real estate website but a guerrilla marketing expert sees opportunities for restaurant marketing in the most unexpected places.

Below you will see maps from  Each map will show yellow dots showing which house have been sold recently.  There is an option to choose how recently the homes were sold.  This guerrilla marketing tactics for restaurants will come in handy because in essence there is a very targeted market to folks who may not have boxes unpacked, who don't know the area and may have literally no friends yet.

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Restaurant Marketing for Birthdays with Video

Anyone can serve a slice of cake with a candle.  Restaurants should not miss an opportunity to include a celebration whenever possible.  A restaurant offering a flaming candle sushi, special writing with sauce over a plate or Panda Bear oranges, this is a restaurant going above and beyond expectations.

A true story. Watch the video:

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A Simple and Fun Christmas Restaurant Marketing Idea

A Christmas restaurant marketing idea never came to you? You can use this idea next year of if you are scrambling at the last minute, this may be perfect.

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Restaurant Marketing Idea 101 Name Give-Aways

Ever had a restaurant marketing idea in the middle of the night only to have it drift off as you snooze? Here is an idea for your marketing campaign and a free online tool to assist you.

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