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10 Restaurant Trends Happening in 2014 [infographic]

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If you are an on-the-go restaurant owner or manager, you may have difficulty keep up with the trends. You know it is important to create "better" and guests will get bored if they see exactly the same menu.  Predicting upcoming trends becomes a painstaking task.

To help you keep up, here is an infographic "10 Restaurant Trends to Watch for in 2014".

10 Restaurant Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2014 - Source: 

Before taking action, make a list of the trends shown in the infographic then listen to your guests.  Take action by listening with with surveys, questions in person, social media, personal observation in the restaurant and have your team learn of any preferences with each contact.

Under-appreciated and under-utilized resources are those on the team who have contact with hundrds and thousands of the guest.  Instead of thinking of them as simply factory workers building and delivery food stuff, re-look at the team as a means to learn "everything" about what a guest enjoys and if they had a wish... what would they wish for.

Doubling restaurant sales is easier when you think of the whole team as a part of your research + marketing machine.  

The infographic is helpful to understand which questions to start with but every community has its own unique culture and preferences.  Listen first to your team and your guests.

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