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The Blog - Where Business Collides with Human Nature

Diffusion of Innovations - Who buys your products, why and when

The discussion about predicting human behavior as to how and when people buy is often diverted to the Diffusion of Innovations. 

Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures.  How and when people buy products or services is thought to be affected by this theory. Everett Rogers, a professor of rural sociology, popularized the theory in his 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations.

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How to Improve Marketing with Colors - Infographic

Study this infographic about how consumers respond to colors.  Understanding how people are influenced by colors may influence your next marketing campaign. 

There is a theory that genius companies have already done million dollar studies, just borrrow colors from them. Use the infographic about colors to double-check your decisions.

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Marketing is About Making Money - by Richard Gabel

Before marketing can be effective, the entrepreneur must understand people.  Richard Gabel shares deep thoughts on how technology is influencing the culture and core of society and how new technology feeds the wants and needs people have.  Richard makes a serious point about whether marketing results be measured by the number of Facebook fans or the appearance of the marketing vehicles. 

Richard Gabel has been in the thick of business turnarounds for many years and has shared a few thoughts about marketing and the rapid changes happening in this guest post:

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Evolution of Marketing - From Antique to Tech Tools to Social

Pause and review the evolution of marketing in the table below.  Antique marketing tactics can still work but the once powerful tools of the past seem slow and clumsy.  Slow and clumsy can be effective but ten times the work and more expensive.  Just as the old hand saw can get the job done, the new chain saw soon puts the old woodsman out of business. 

Is the true barrier of the old woodsman who sticks with the old hand saw the tool?  Or is the real barrier to success related to an open mind and applying the five essentials to business success?

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The Unbelievable

Promising the unbelievable before delivering on said promise will leave potential buyers knowing you are pumped up, arrogant, over confident and probably out of touch with reality.  "Of course you will say that about your own product or service.  That is expected." 

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Marketing Basics: Creative Identity and Branding

Branding.  How many books and articles have been written about marketing and branding?  My soapbox for entrepreneurs includes "branding is a symptom" and is the result of consistently over-delivering products or services vs. what is promised.  A small business owner does not always have the resources or foresight to create a high impact image like larger companies do.  Which comes first?  Will it be what people say about your business?  Or is it the result of a marketing plan which specifically decides the brand identity? 

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Press Release Tips for Small Business

Time to think about the press release option again.  If you wonder "What if I was to do a press release about my business?"  "What is the 'best in the world' in my product or service?"  "What is it about the business this week that is new, exciting, wonderful, ground breaking?  What is news-worthy?"  What will happen to the perception of your business?  Is is the usual stuff?  Or is there that little something you just have to share?

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List of 54 Websites for Free Press Release Distribution Service

Take advantage of the opportunity with this list of free press release websites and distribution services at least once a month on the internet.  Some might view a press release as "marketing" while others view it as "education" or "information".  Regardless, if you do something worth shouting about in your business, then do so!  Press releases keep the world informed and possibly...improve the chances of getting found.

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List of 19 Presentation Software and Tools (Create, Produce, Present)

To sell a product or service, you need a way to connect.  Having a quality presentation can do the job, but how do you find the software tools to create or produce a presentation?

Looking for software and tools to create or produce a presentation?

Possibly in need of software to do the presentation offline or online?

Where do you start?

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