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Evolution of Marketing - From Antique to Tech Tools to Social


Pause and review the evolution of marketing in the table below.  Antique marketing tactics can still work but the once powerful tools of the past seem slow and clumsy.  Slow and clumsy can be effective but ten times the work and more expensive.  Just as the old hand saw can get the job done, the new chain saw soon puts the old woodsman out of business. 

Is the true barrier of the old woodsman who sticks with the old hand saw the tool?  Or is the real barrier to success related to an open mind and applying the five essentials to business success?

This table serves as a reminder and checklist for your marketing plan.  This information should not inspire you to drop a marketing or communication tool because it is decades old. 

Certainly do not shift 100% into the newer marketing tactics and drop the old because you are weary of the old.  The successful guerrila marketing plan includes several marketing methods working in tandem and ALWAYS measures results.

First consider thie table as a marketing checklist and learn more details about the history of marketing:


Connect with Potential Customers  via  




Included in Your Plan?


and Tools:

Date Originated

 Tradeshows   800 AD  
 Printing Press 1440  
 Trade Magazines 1731  
 Promotional Items 1789  
 Fax Machine 1843  
 Direct Mail 1872  
 Telephone 1876  
 Mobile Phone 1946  
 Email  1961  
 Webinars 1989  
 Smart Phone  1992  
 Tradeshows  1994  




Date Originated

 Personal Computer 1950  
 CRM Systems 1987  
 Tablet / IPad 1998  
 Marketing Automation 1999  


The Web:


Date Originated

 Websites 1989  
 Search 1993  
 Analytics 1993  
 SEO 1997  
 Adwords 2000  




Date Originated

 LinkedIn 2003  
 Facebook 2004  
 YouTube 2005  
 Twitter 2006  
 Crowdsourcing 2006  

When you combine several offline and online marketing methods to create a synergistic plan, there is more opportunity to connect with potential buyers.

The way people communicate has already changed.  Has your business adapted or are you sticking with being an antique while other businesses zoom by?

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