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Press Release Tips for Small Business

press release for business success Time to think about the press release option again.  If you wonder "What if I was to do a press release about my business?"  "What is the 'best in the world' in my product or service?"  "What is it about the business this week that is new, exciting, wonderful, ground breaking?  What is news-worthy?"  What will happen to the perception of your business?  Is is the usual stuff?  Or is there that little something you just have to share?

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If you are simply fulfilling a function that fills a barrel or wipes a window, there is little for you to enthusiastically tell others about.  Once you begin to create something special to share with the world, press releases help you tell your story.

These types of press releases are likely to be newsworthy...

  • Announcements – new products, new management, merger, changes in corporate structure, partnerships, product changes, new equipment.
  • Statements – issue statements on topics that have an impact on your business. New legislation, for example.
  • Events – you can create a story about every event your company participates in. These may be events you send your team to, or ones that your company hosts. Speaking engagements, trade shows, special presentations or awards and community events that show you care are also of interest.
  • Promote your customers – write case studies showing how a particular customer accomplished a major goal because of your product or service.
  • Accomplishments – write about milestones that you have reached such as significant numbers of customers, years in business, expansions, new funding, new sales levels reached or awards won.
  • Employees – write about any good deeds your employees have done, achievements, community service.
  • Charity – if you get involved in charity events, promote the fact.  

Now you can share more than an advertisement with the world. Your business is more than a business, it is news.  Share it by using this list of 54 websites for free press release distribution service.

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