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Starting a Business: Become a Virtual Assistant

Now that the remnants of the pandemic are our new normal, a diverse group of people have been left seeking full-time, remote employment. While thousands of remote positions exist, many are not as flexible as needed, and even fewer offer an environment that promotes employee growth in the business. One of the work-from-home experts' best-kept secrets is the option of becoming a Virtual Assistant. Many qualified people are left in the dust with few resources on what they are and how to become one.

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Balance Business and Law Without Breaking the Bank at Equinox

Change is certain in business but is often difficult to manage. Considering all aspects of the law while managing critical business issues will require an experienced authority who can help smooth the impact of change by providing guidance in how to structure the new and protect against the bad. 

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What is a MasterMind - Powerful Napoleon Hill Video About Success

The concept of a MasterMind was first introduced by Napoleon Hill.  Napoleon Hill (1883-1970), author of "Think and Grow Rich" was an American author, best known for the 25 year commission he received from Andrew Carnegie (1835 – 1919) who commissioned Napoleon Hill to interview over 500 millionaires.

During these interviews, he acquired informationand publish his findings about the similarities in traits, habits and a formula by which these people acquire wealth and success.  The book "Think and Grow Rich" remains a popular reference today.

Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as:

The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

He continues…

No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]."

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Steps to Take Before Filing a Commercial Lawsuit

Litigators are trained on the law and the litigation process, not on how to run and grow a business.  Furthermore, many litigators fail to fully appreciate and properly advise their clients on how hugely distracting the lawsuit will be, and the huge risk this imposes on the business.

Making matters more complicated is the economic reality that litigation firms profit from clients that file and prosecute lawsuits. Indeed, unless the litigation firm has clients that pay them to file and prosecute lawsuits, the litigation firm dies.

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The Best Interpreter Services in Seattle Can Improve Business

Hire an interpreter?  No, an interpreter or translator is not only unnecessary, it is not in the budget.  There are companies and geographic areas (especially in Seattle) where this mindset is actually harmful to business.

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Does Bankruptcy Clear IRS Tax Debt?

As 2010 comes to a close, it is time to tackle taxes and planning for your business.  If you are an entrepreneur who believes that debt is overwhelming and bankruptcy is the next step, here is an article from Wystan North:

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