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Learn if Your Website is Mobile-Friendly with a Google Test in 30 Seconds

mobile friendly test here

There is a big buzz going on related to "mobile-friendly". Since Google announced "mobile friendly" will become one of the criteria for ranking, many website designers and software sales people are overly excited with a new reason to sell small businesses and entrepreneurs the next website.

Google have announced their campaign to get website owners and webmasters ready to update their websites for changes in mobile friendly ranking factors, with a deadline set by the firm of the 21st April 2015.

More cookies

success cookies think

Here is a math riddle. I love math!

John has 10 cookies.
He counts them carefully.
He is a cookie counting expert.
John has after all… counted 100 cookies 100 times.
He sees Jim who says “I like cookies”.
John offers Jim the 10 cookies.
Jim thinks a moment about taking that very important next step:

Linkedin is getting smarter and offering photo sharing, are you?

mary ann at bartell drugs roca thins tempted

Linkedin is playing catch up but now photo sharing in status updates is an option.  It is important for someone to grab the torch and lead others to benefit from Linkedin so they can have more light shine on their awesomeness. Will it be you? 

They think they know you


They think they know you but in reality they don't know you at all. If you are a linchpin, entrepreneur, intrapreneur who understands the five essentials to business success, you are focused on: "Good enough today is not good enough tomorrow". You have an accelerated learning curve with ever changing beliefs, habits, and skills.

Free software eliminates most writing mistakes automatically


Since the virtual world has become a megaphone for anyone with an opinion to push their content, it has become apparent we all could use a little more high school English. 

How to Buy Renewable Energy Certificates and Get Credit for Going Green

what is a renewable energy certificate

Do you think having more of our electricity come from green renewable sources is important? Did you know there is an easy and cost-effective way to help ensure that happens?

6 Great Ways to Lose Customers


You just might be making a mistake or two that’s costing you customers! Just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits up to 95%, so it makes sense to find your problem and implement a solution before your business takes a hit.

What is your churn policy?


Do you have a churn policy? Is it "Good riddance"? Or as Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank would say "You are dead to me"?  It is easy to give up on people who have given up on you. Not knowing what it is that caused them to reject you will not help you know where to improve. "Complaints" are the most valuable type of feedback but if the complaint is in the form of "walk away" or "unsubscribe", no amount of guessing will help you turn it around.

Catching fish with strawberries and cream


They look the other way, ignore your Facebook page, delete your email without reading, discount your interview and while your business is very visible, it might be also very ignored. This is hurtful and you take it personally because you took hours picking the exact photos for your website, the faucet for your AirBnB rental, the perfect font for your landing page. Perfection is ignored and it is all personal. Entrepreneurs blend personal and business, there is little separation.  This blur between personal and business warps judgment and what appears to be so important may not be so.

More valuable than a list is a rating with an analysis


You can offer a spreadsheet or a list and humans are certainly going to be interested as many love to hoard more information. A list of software gives people a “Choice” and does save time to research.

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