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The Buzz About Buzzwords


The Buzz About Buzzwords by Brittany Lyons highlights the pro's and con's of using buzzwords.

Business Success with a Power Nap [infographic]


Business success tip:  Get more done by taking naps.  Taking a nap just might be what the doctor ordered and could increase energy and productivity.  Winston Churchill took naps and so did President Clinton.  If it is good enough for country leaders, isn't it something to consider?  Not convinced?  Geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison napped which has you in good company should you decide to add naps to your daily routine.

Financing Your Small Business With Credit Cards: The Risks and Benefits


You have a great idea for a business, now how do you pay for it? Financing a startup requires some important decision making, and the choices you make now are likely to impact the business (and your personal finances) for years to come. As banks give out fewer loans, entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to credit cards for business owners to finance their endeavors.

What is Black Hat SEO Tactics? [Infographic]

Black Hat SEO Infographic

Black Hat SEO tactics are described by Google as "unethical, overly aggressive marketing efforts where a company tries to manipulate search engine results in an unfair way.  When trying to gain an advantage using black hat SEO tactics, there is high risk since the price can be high when discovered.  If you have a sustainable healthy business that you want to grow each year by leaps and bounds, depending on temporary cures are not the answer.

How to Choose a Business Structure Infographic

business structure

How to choose a business structure that helps you meet your objectives is not a simple task.  There are many structures to choose from when it comes to starting a company. provides business owners with the information. 

The List is Everything


The evolution of the list.  Why is it so important?  What is "the list"?  The marketing database has been around since before there were postage stamps.  When people say:  "Build the list"; it now means different things to different people.

Hubspot Webinar Inbound Marketing and SEO


This inbound marketing Hubspot webinar touches on many points about SEO (search engine optimization).  Mike Volpe is an expert at his trade and does an excellent job with breaking down the information so that almost anyone can learn something.

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Small Business Administration Infographic - An Advantage to Exporting


The Small Business Administration was close to being eliminated in 1996.  For almost 60 years the Small Business Administration (SBA) has been helping businesses get their start by offering an array of services. 

Facebook is Where People Spend the Most Time in August 2011


While Google remains the most visited site in August, Facebook is where people spent the most time.  The Nielsen Company reports that the average time spent on Facebook was 7 hours and 45 minutes in August. 

Get Ready for Guerrilla Marketing as Congress May Permit RoboCalls

guerrilla marketing with robo calls

Hot news.  If you love guerrilla marketing opportunities, this news about robot calls may be up your alley.  Regardless of how you feel about the tactics yourself, if executed on a more personal level, there are opportunities to have high impact campaigns:

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