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Improving Teamwork and Avoiding Gobbledygook

teamwork for the birds

The term “teamwork” is overused and can easily become gobbledygook. Memberships, businesses, schools, and your business all say “Having teamwork helps to create success”. 

An Entrepreneur Reality

entrepreneur reality

Perfect. Everything is going as planned.
If you think in terms of poking the box.
Poke, adjust, poke, adjust.  What happens when we do this?

I love when reality bears its head and says “I am reality".

Turn Someone Into a Super-Hero


You have powers you have not yet fully realized. Within your grasp are talented people, tools and opportunities to make an impact in a bigger way. As you watch this video, consider what a talented team of artists & entrepreneurs can do to help you go bigger:

Phil Knight proved taglines are useless until...

knight vision 3

Regarding the tagline you are thinking about:  What activities or action helps people know the truth, regardless of the message in marketing or advertising?

Caveman marketing - how to be smarter than a neanderthal man

caveman marketing

When people ask “why are you successful” the response should be “isn’t it obvious?” 

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Advice for someone with lots of expertise, but afraid to market and sell

afraid of marketing sales

This topic relates to almost anyone, not just entrepreneurs. If you have a job and a quota, this can still work. Entrepreneurs have a harder time because there is no one standing over their head holding them accountable. Entrepreneurs create their own obstacles since feelings, emotions and comfort levels can have a more dramatic impact until a personal commitment and discipline takes over. 

The trick to creating content

blog cartoon

The trick to content:
Don’t think.
Listen to the questions.
Answer them.

Those who think before they listen can get lost in the possibilities.
The deeper they think, the bigger the possibilities.
It’s not that they are wrong, but it quickly becomes a buffet of opportunities without focus.

So "think first" is not the mindset. It is "listen first" and "serve" which means you may have to Unthink.  Like those in this video: 

20 Videos in 20 Days condensed into 20 Minutes - Alex Goldfayn

elex golfayn videos marketing

Waiting 20 days to watch 20 videos is too long to wait. Here you have all 20 wrapped together and watch them in 20 minutes. Marketing tips at their best from Alex Goldfayn.

Duplicate your way to success


I love to sing. (Though you will rarely find me singing now)
When I was in 8th grade I took choir class in junior high school.
Found out I wasn't as good I as I wished for.
Couldn't read music well, could not sing a note on request.
And so I copied the person next to me.
I became an expert at listening to the person to my right and immediately matching their pitch. I believed no one noticed... at least no one said anything.
It was the best I could do. By being a fast imitator and keeping up, I passed the class.

---  Which could be referred to as mimic, copycat, impersonator, parodist, pretend, fake, simulate, replicate or duplicate. Most of which are not words to be proud of.

Here is where you can personally meet four CEOs in Seattle on May 15th

wtcseattle spring member reception

You are invited to connect and network with the four CEOs of Talking Rain, Holland American Group, Port of Seattle and Alaska Air Group along with other Washington business leaders on May 15th at Caribbean inspired Member Reception at the World Trade Center Seattle.

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