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Starting from scratch


You have skills. In fact, sometimes you hear from others that you are are a genius as people gain from your wisdom and experience. You have decided to take advantage of your talents. and think "If I am such a genius, why not add to my income and monetize my deep expertise?"  

You have been flagged and found unworthy - Your next step is >


The world has become more sensitive and for good reason. It is now difficult to offer value, resources to a blog or website via social platforms such as Linkedin or forums without someone misunderstanding intent. Too many think "tactics and tricks" vs "value". 

Intent is just as difficult to know when someone shakes hands with a smile as it is when a link is shared in a social network online. Time of course cures this. In the meantime, there is someone watching for rules to be broken or believe that any link is automatically "bad".

On the surface, your website could easily look more like a promotion because of it's design, style and aggressive writing style.  When we look at a website, there are no obvious signs a website ranks on the first page of Google for anything special.  This website is one example as it ranks for hundreds of words and phrases... you, the visitor, doesn't know, nor do you care. 

I like how anyone in a network or crowd is now a judge inside platforms such as Linkedin wjp has their finger on the button to throw a flag with a click. It forces all of us to listen more carefully and understand not just the facts but also how people feel. Sure the person pushing the flag button could be in a bad way, drunk, depressed, or lacking Almond Roca. This is true for all businesses who serve regardless of the calamities. 

While software continues to change in dramatic ways, changes in humans can be seen even more dramatically.  People have shorter fuses, more suspicions and less patience for anything appearing to be marketing/sales/pursuasion based. Based on activities from predators, spammers and cons, it is a good thing that humans are showing more caution and taking action with red flags via clicks to reject content. (Though it makes things more difficult for those with the best of intentions) 

Linkedin Pulse is a new and certainly a consideration for your inbound marketing.  Feel free to include graphics and/or video in the articles as you share your expertise to those in need.

Share your expertise where people hang out. Be careful, the number of viewers is seen by all and if you do not have readers, your content can appear unwanted.

Manifesto of Content Strategy by Rand Fishkin [video]


Marketing considerations for content strategy vs. content tactics can and will be explained in this video.  Breaking Internet marketing down from from complicated to simple, Rand Fishkin gave this talk at the SEOmoz Meetup at the Search Church on 5/10/12.  He talks the keystone of SEO: content and how many marketers believe they are making sales directly. Instead content marketing is meant to build familiarity, build likability, and build trust. And the only way to do great content is to do it over and over again.

Nominations are open, its your move

small business awards

If your business model is one which requires a personal sales process and proposals, are you ready to reach out to the leadership of a company to say:

Before Hiring Inbound Marketing Services


Interested in taking your business from offline to online?  This checklist will help you to prepare for inbound marketing services. If your business is in start-up mode, this checklist can also be a guide to improve your chance of success.

The Science of Inbound Marketing

howtorankongoogleCompanies like Dropbox, FreshBooks, 37signals, and HubSpot are able to generate tens of thousands of leads using marketing people love because they're all masters of inbound marketing.

This is not a new presentation and yet Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of HubSpot offers timeless principles.  Learn why inbound marketing is such an important addition to your marketing plan.

Which Offer is Best for Landing Pages During the Buying Process

buying process vs offers

Which are the best offers to use on a landing page?  The answer varies based on the visitor and what phase they are in during their buying process.  Since no two people think the same, we can break down them down into three basic groups:

The future of search: Marcus Tandler at TEDxMünchen [Video]


Marcus Tandler, a speaker at TEDxMunchen, delivers a fresh perspective of the future of search engines. Search expectations constantly change, and search engines are forced to change with them.

Bad Website Landing Pages and How to Fix Them [infographic]


The word an entrepreneur loves to hear is "yes" and it comes from faith, trust and curiosity. A landing page is a moment of decision where seven short seconds can make all the difference. As the seconds click by, here are barriers to getting a "Yes! I will complete the form and give you my real information!":

Google Now vs Cortana vs Siri - "Ok Google, is there a good place for ice cream around here?"


And the next phase of interaction with hardware/software and search has begun.

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