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More valuable than a list is a rating with an analysis

You can offer a spreadsheet or a list and humans are certainly going to be interested as many love to hoard more information. A list of software gives people a “Choice” and does save time to research.

How CEOs start their business [infographic]

ceo startup

CEOs took part in this year's annual survey of companies on the Inc. 500. 

What is Linkedin Pulse and why it matters

linkedin pulse 1

Linkedin turned into a content site with anyone having the option to write an article on Pulse.

Here Come the Holidays: Small Business Saturday Survival Tips

business tips for holidays

Holiday shopping is anticipated to grow this year, which makes Small Business Saturday a great time for small retailers to increase their profits and expand their customer base. A recent survey by Deloitte reports that US holiday shopping and sales are anticipated to grow by as much as 4.5 percent this holiday season, with total purchases expected to reach $981 billion.

If you ignored SEO until now, you were right - "That was then and this is now"

what seo is vs then

Did you ignore the hype over the last 10 years about SEO? Are you tired of the emails, spam and phone calls with big claims "We can make you #1 on Google in 7 days"? The idea of a brick and mortar business relying on the invisible world of the Internet or SEO where terms about "keyword ranking" have been foreign.

The Official Sweepstakes Rules


Have you ever offered a sweepstakes where a winner gets a big prize? I have many times. People like to win. The best reason to offer a sweepstakes is to build a list of new contacts. A majority however, may not be potential buyers nor will they be interested. (Unless the prize is a product or service related to the business.)  

Fighting with a hanky

We are Musketeers.
We fight for a cause and pursue missions believed to be impossible.
We are funny, serious, committed, creative, mysterious, sneaky, aggressive, confident.
We use whatever means handy to get it done and fight relentlessly with a sword, a hanky, a spoon…
Powerful and talented individually. Collaborating together --- it is all for one and one for all.
When we are on a mission, there is only "do", there is no "try".
Give us a mission or we die.
We are Musketeers.

Cracking eggs

take a risk crack an egg

If you line up ten people side by side and give each of them three eggs and a frying pan along with instructions to crack the eggs into the pan, you would see ten different versions of egg cracking. Each of them would be "correct" because they got it done.

“Get out of my face” vs “Why didn't you tell me?”

humans see themselves backwards

I see things.  Since I have lived a life of service focused on how people think, act and respond, patterns have become more obvious.

Achieving an Excellent Culture or a World Class Product - Which Comes First?

company culture

An excellent culture might be perceived as a form of "perfection".  At what point does one draw the line, point and say: "Now we have achieved an excellent culture." Once the line is drawn, the excellence achieved, a few will be looking over their shoulder more worried about the achievement of culture vs. the people, purpose and profit of the organization.

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