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Where Business & Marketing
Collide with Human Nature

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Interruption Marketing - Required and Effective

interruption marketing

Seth Godin wrote the book "Permission Marketing" over a decade ago.  If you have read his book, you may believe he is a soothsayer and predicted the future.  He talks about permission marketing but more importantly he talks about interruption marketing.

The Worst Linkedin Group Rules Ever

linkedin group

Here are the Linkedin group rules.  You can only wear black socks and if you smell like you are selling anything, you will be yelled at and rejected with fanfare.  (And we will talk about you for 30 minutes after we kick you out.)

Consideration, Respect and the Devil

consideration respect devil

Don't talk to sales people, they are the devil.  If you act like a sales person, people will think you are the devil.  Labeling people is detrimental to good relationships.  It is a bit like saying "all blondes are dumb" or "all accountants are boring".  If you label people, you are the devil.

Six Tips to Hiring the Best Employees

hiring the best employees

Small businesses often begin with just a few family members or even as a solo venture.  Hiring strangers to take on integral roles and represent your business can be scary – but the economy is on the upswing and a recent survey even tells us that more than seven-in-ten businesses plan to grow their business over the next six months. So many businesses are finding themselves in the position of needing more employees.  As you contemplate how to hire a web designer or prepare to bring on an SEO specialist, consider these tips:

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What to Offer on a Website for Amazing Results

list of adjectives

What will it take to get a yes?  Not just a nod of the head, but action in the form of an introduction.

The best free press release sites to spread your message

press releases

In a previous article, I have shared over 50 different free press release sites.  Instead of a large list, you need a more specific solution.  While it is difficult to point to any one free press release site as a clear winner, websites such as PRUrgent.com has been raved about even though it only has a PageRank of 3.  OnlinePRnews.com, is another free press release site that stands out.  You can find it on the list below which shows the best opportunities.

Throw away the Cash Register and use Vend as a POS on an iPad


VendHQ.com offers any business the opportunity to take a hammer to their old cash register and start using an iPad or PC tablet as their POS system.  In so many businesses, the physical cash register has become an dead weight and anchor though certainly a necessary piece of equipment.  For mobile businesses, sales people and consultants, the lack of a cash register has put limitations on closing the deal.

The value of being right

value of being right

You are absolutely right and why is it that no one is paying attention?  The world needs to know your opinion, you are after all the one with the answer.  As you are more right than everyone else, you have even more right to express your opinion.  It is America after all, the land of the free and home of pursuing one's happiness.

Dear Taylor, here are a few thoughts about your blog review

blog review


5 Essentials to Business Success

5 Essentials to Business Success top2

To execute your business success plan more effectively, here are (5) five essentials to ensure a long term healthy and prosperous business which should answer the question:  "How Can You Improve Business in the Next 12 Months?"

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