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Seth provokes thought but what is "generous"?

success generousity

Seth provoked a thought today with his usual precision.  Saying "no" to conventional wisdom.

Linkedin 102 Video: Communication Settings to Impress and Protect


Here is another video which walks through the basic settings for your Linkedin profile.  If you remember, in the Linkedin 101 video, I emphasized how important it is to understand the Linkedin settings FIRST.  If you use Linkedin with the automated default settings, you may do more harm than good.  

I died at 55

i died at 55

Oddly enough it was not personal catastrophes, pain or losses that pushed me to the point of death.  It was, instead, the people who believed.  They believed in me more than I.

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I "Stole" these awesome photos from Getty Images - here's how

getty images free photos

You have searched for images that will set you apart and come up empty.  Better yet, you hope to find free images or graphics for your website or blog.  Maybe you have resorted to "borrowing" them from another website (which is most likely theft).  No one notices and "everyone" is doing it, so how bad can it be?

Spring Clean Your Business Approach

business approach

Spring cleaning is here again.  While your mind may be focusing on social media and how to make a Google+ brand page, it’s also the ideal time to simply spring clean your business.  Take time to clean your workplace, evaluate your processes and focus on making improvements – 27 percent of people in a recent survey said they feel disorganized at work.  Here are just a few ways to organize your business so you can work more efficiently.

Making LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machine webinar with Viveka von Rosen and Nimble CMO, Eric Quanstrom


You are going to enjoy this brand new webinar recording about Linkedin.  Whether you are brand new as a rookie or a pro, you will find value.  Listen to the experts as they share the "Making LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machine" webinar.  LinkedIn expert, Viveka von Rosen and Nimble CMO, Eric Quanstrom are the presenters and you will find them both to be a wealth of information.  I am not a big fan of watching a webinar with two people presenting as a team.  The conversation between presenters might become a distraction.

99 Facts on the Future of Business

business prediction tom tom

99 Facts on the Future of Business slideshow is a warning to anyone who has their head in the sand.  Business leaders are already untrusted (dishonest) and it is only a matter of time before the cherished GPS tracks humans.  Here are the 99 facts on the future of business in a slide show:

They didn't get Linkedin privacy. Then they watched a Linkedin training 101 video and got it!

linkedin training 101 settings profile2

The most important Linkedin training you should know may be within the privacy and settings options.  The privacy and settings in Linkedin lets YOU decide what to share, when you share it and who sees it.  While it is excellent to be accessible in a transparent world so that others can truly understand your character and expertise, you may not want to offer those who are predators or cons the opportunity to use you as a doorway to doing harm.

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Teen Invents Flashlight That Lights From Body Heat. It Could Change the World

flashlight invented uses body heat

Ann Makosinkski is 16 years ald and about to change the world.  She has just invented a flashlight that is powered completely from body heat.  She did not win first place at the science fair competition.  You have to wonder what science project was in first place.

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Everything Jeff Bezos (Amazon), knows about business success [video]

jeff bezos business success

Started in his home, Jeff Bezos started a business and began to reach for his dream. In the video below he will tell his story about how it all began (which is very fun), what it takes to be successful and why Amazon bought Zappos.  This was just as much a message to the new Zappos team as it was for you the entrepreneur.  

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