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Where Business & Marketing
Collide with Human Nature

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Throw away the Cash Register and use Vend.com as a POS on an iPad


Vend.com offers any business the opportunity to take a hammer to their old cash register and start using an iPad or PC tablet as their POS system.  In so many businesses, the physical cash register has become an dead weight and anchor though certainly a necessary piece of equipment.  For mobile businesses, sales people and consultants, the lack of a cash register has put limitations on closing the deal.

The value of being right

value of being right

You are absolutely right and why is it that no one is paying attention?  The world needs to know your opinion, you are after all the one with the answer.  As you are more right than everyone else, you have even more right to express your opinion.  It is America after all, the land of the free and home of pursuing one's happiness.

Dear Taylor, here are a few thoughts about your blog review

blog review


5 Essentials to Business Success

5 Essentials to Business Success top2

To execute your business success plan more effectively, here are (5) five essentials to ensure a long term healthy and prosperous business which should answer the question:  "How Can You Improve Business in the Next 12 Months?"

You have 5 brains according to "Conversational Intelligence" by Judith E. Glaser

conversational intelligence

Creating new success is not based on working harder, longer and focusing on what we know. Our current skill and knowledge may in fact become a barrier to success.  

Youtube Video Marketing by the Numbers - 1.2 million views

1 million views on youtube

If you believe in the hyped up Internet marketers, you will buy off on the idea that Youtube marketing is the magic marketing formula for everyone to use.  As you look at the absolutely terrible videos on Youtube and the minuscule number of viewers, "why bother" may be your response.

5 Marketing Collaboration Tools to Boost Your Online Strategy

marketing collaboration tools

There are countless tools for everything in marketing, so many that it can be very overwhelming.  Many small business owners admit that they are still not using modern technology – only one in ten business owners know how to use online advertising to market their product.  However, using tools for marketing and collaboration is necessary – and easier than ever. Take a short pause from learning how to use Google+ and focus on finding the marketing collaboration tools that are best for your marketing efforts.  Here are five online collaboration tools to help you stay organized:

Union hires temp help to picket local Lighthouse IGA store - chuckle

lighthouse iga new3

The Lighthouse IGA grocery store opened recently at 1000 Town Center NE, in Brown's Point.   This is a good thing for the people in the community.  With the IGA grocery store opening next to ACE Hardware, locals will appreciate the convenience (though QFC is about 2 1/2 miles away).  Mark Vanderveen, the managing partner of the group, owns both the store and the shopping center.

Rebecca Corliss with an Outstanding Linkedin Training Video

linkedin training rebecca corliss

This Linkedin training video from Rebecca Corliss is excellent.  Rebecca keeps it real and she walks her talk.  She does the training video with live interactoin inside Linkedin.  While the video does not have the very latest changes in Linkedin, it is still a gold mine as she shares ideas about how to think and take action.  I see there is an older photo of me in her video (watch for it).  Looking back, it was not my best side.  

12 Websites for Royalty Free Stock Photos for Business Advertising

michael hartzell photos

One of the most common questions I get is:  "Where can I get free photos or royalty free stock photos for business advertising, marketing, etc?"  The answer is not so obvious since each business has its own unique need.  What is the quality and/uniquesness of the photograph needed?  Is free your best option or would you pay $30 for an amazing one-of-a-kind photograph? 

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