Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Wisdom and Deep Thoughts to Change a Restaurant's Reputation

The reputation of your restaurant depends on training and on your leadership, which is directly influenced by your beliefs.  The widgets and tools online are only a means to reflect the best of your products and service.  In truth, what the restaurant team believes in becomes the foundation of a reputation.  The perfect slice served as if the the guest is royalty becomes a sharable experience.

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How to Eliminate Excuses from Staff About Restaurant Marketing


Excuses.  You hear them daily. Excuses can become a habit, an instant response or a "profound reason" as to why there is no time, no money or no understanding for how to do restaurant marketing.

Here is a prediction, one of two scenarios will occur:

  • Next month restaurant sales will be up. There will be reasons.
  • Next month restaurant sales will be down.  Excuses will be heard.

Both are a symptom of restaurant marketing activities. Both can be influenced.

A restaurant marketing strategy will consider opportunities for the short term while laying a foundation for long term growth. 

For example...

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