Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

10 Restaurant Trends Happening in 2014 [infographic]

If you are an on-the-go restaurant owner or manager, you may have difficulty keep up with the trends. You know it is important to create "better" and guests will get bored if they see exactly the same menu.  Predicting upcoming trends becomes a painstaking task.

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Modern Hospitality: Social Media With A Smile [infographic]

The infographic that predicts the future.  Over the course of the next 12+ months, the culture will continue to change and at the center is personalized computing.  

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Restaurants Mobile Social Consumer Trends of 2012 [infographic]

DigitalCoCo has recently extracted data from its Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) to delve further into who today’s Mobile Social Consumer is, and how this group is engaging with — and affecting — the restaurant and hospitality industry. Additionally, the RSMI data unveils which top brands are utilizing the new landscape of mobile and social for consumer engagement.
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45% of Workers Say They are Less Productive Without Coffee

If 45% of the workers say they are less productive without coffee, then why don't you sell more coffee?  The third heaviest coffee drinking profession is the education admistrators. Who qualifies?  Principals?  In that case, a restaurant with outstanding coffee must be at the center of their universe.  

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Unusual Marketing With Loyalty Programs [infographic]

Loyalty program options for marketing a restaurant have leaped ahead faster than any restaurant owner can possibly understand.  While the opportunity for anyone to have a loyalty program grows, consumers (guests) have a dim view of loyalty programs since 93% believe they are more a marketing tool and not truly intended to be a benefit to them.

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