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Four Ways to Beat Your Restaurant Labor Budget

Labor budgets is part of the daily conversation.  The restaurant employees are paid hourly and hope to "get more hours" while the management team is focused on beating the budget.  You are tired of talking about it and hearing about "cut labor".  In fact, many dwell on the labor budget to the point of needing therapy.  "Schedule cops" instead of leaders are developed.  To break new barriers and not only meet but beat labor budgets, old mindsets must be left behind to make room for better solutions. 

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Dead Man Walking

In at least four scenarios during my 30 year career, you would have called me a “Dead Man Walking”.  This was the direct result of 70+ hour weeks working in the restaurant business.  The restaurant business was not to blame, nor were my immediate supervisors; it was much more related to a mindset for creating success.

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Wisdom and Deep Thoughts to Change a Restaurant's Reputation

The reputation of your restaurant depends on training and on your leadership, which is directly influenced by your beliefs.  The widgets and tools online are only a means to reflect the best of your products and service.  In truth, what the restaurant team believes in becomes the foundation of a reputation.  The perfect slice served as if the the guest is royalty becomes a sharable experience.

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I Want to be a Restaurant Manager

This is a true story about an assistant manager who worked hard, followed directions well and aspired to be a restaurant manager.  She worked in my district under a general manager who had years of experience but lacked the typical “get up and go”.

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Simplify Menu Management by Leveraging New Technology

What is Menu Management?
The restaurant industry is notoriously selective about adopting new technologies. Only truly revolutionary, business-building tools are worth the investment to integrate in a busy restaurant. Menu management service is one of those game-changing technologies. The core concept is to shift all of a restaurant’s menu needs - designing, updating, printing, distribution - onto a web-based platform.

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How Guests can Order from Your Restaurant Online with a Snap - Snapfinger


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Make Your Own Restaurant Rule Book

A large restaurant company will have a book of rules which is so thick that no one is able to remember page 234 or what is supposed to happen every 89 days on leap years.  The restaurateur with one or two locations may not have a rule book which leaves the staff with no direction and no expectations. 

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The Do's and Dont's of Managing Your Reviews

You love online reviews.  After all, how else can you appreciate the good things in life without that occasional nasty review to put things in perspective?  Remember how good you felt after getting flamed on the internet for putting ice in your customer’s iced coffee?  Or receiving a one star rating for a weekend getaway because the reviewer got dumped in your hotel?  Good times.
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Who Sold 230,000 bags of M&M's in 2012?

The SeaTac airport concessionaires sold 1.7 million bottles of water; 230,000 bags of M&Ms; 90,000 neck pillows; 20,000 copies of “50 Shades of Gray,” which was the biggest selling book at Sea-Tac concessions, and nearly 10,000 “Sleepless in Seattle” nightshirt/PJs.

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More than a paycheck

To be a successful leader you must understand the basic human needs and meet them well.   

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How to Market Your Restaurant in 2013

The number 13 has a notoriously negative stigma attached.  Hotels in the United States do not have a 13th floor, and the number is generally known for being one of bad luck and avoided at all costs. 

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Meet Dan the Hardest Working Restaurant Owner

Dan … is a restaurant owner who enjoys cooking and avoids technology.  Working side by side with his staff is very enjoyable and Dan believes in leading by example.  There is no job in the restaurant he believes he is too good for.

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