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The Benefits of Being a Restaurant Franchisee (Not)

Originally this was a response to an article about franchising on another website. Unfortunately, time has passed and the original website is defunct. The points made about the benefits of being a restaurant franchisee, or not, still matter. 

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Free Online Magazine Subscriptions for Restaurant Professionals

Restaurant Marketing Idea #432 is:  Listen by using "search" on free magazine subscriptions for restaurant professionals and restaurant owners.

Reading online magazines can keep the juices flowing.  Put them in a bookmark on Delicious (or your browser) and once a week 'sharpen your saw' by choosing one of the resources below.

Then input every free restaurant magazine into the search tool.  You could subscribe, but remember that your time is short and isn't your inbox already full? Be selective.  An alternative is to subscribe via an RSS feed. I use Feedly to keep up with specific websites.

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Celebrating as an Independent Restaurant Owner

This is for the independent restaurant owner who at one time broke away from the pack and staked a claim in the restaurant business.  Remembering a bit of the past on Independence Day may give a lift and inspire you along the journey.

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Meet Dan the Hardest Working Restaurant Owner

Dan … is a restaurant owner who enjoys cooking and avoids technology.  Working side by side with his staff is very enjoyable and Dan believes in leading by example.  There is no job in the restaurant he believes he is too good for.

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Pop-Up Eateries are the New Wave for Restaurants [infographic]

Restaurants are a $372 billion industry. Pop-Up restaurants are appealing considering that more than a quarter of traditional restaurants fail within their first year, and 60% fail by their third year.  Cutting–edge chefs and restaurant financiers have sought new investment opportunities in recent years.

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Opening and Running a Restaurant – A Legal and Regulatory Checklist

Looking to realize your dream and open a restaurant business? Now may be just the time to do it. Earlier this year the National Restaurant Association predicted that after a three-year period of negative sales growth, the restaurant business would post positive growth and reach a record $604 billion in sales.

Opening a restaurant or food service business requires research, planning, capital (not always as much as you think), business acumen, and perseverance. It also requires a number of legal and regulatory considerations, during both the startup phase and the lifecycle of the business.

Here are some tips for starting and operating a restaurant within the law.

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Steve Jobs Commandments for Your Restaurant

If Steve Jobs was the CEO of a restaurant company vs. a software company, what might he have done? 10 commandments Steve Jobs had for his companies you can apply to your restaurant:

Topics: Restaurant Business Leadership Selects the Best 60 Blogs in the Restaurant Industry selected the best 60 blogs in the restaurant industry. is a business school directory and a leading online resource for MBA information and resources. If you are interested in continuing education and receiving your MBA, you can browse their directories. 

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True Restaurant Story About The Garbage Challenge

If morale is low in your restaurant and if getting people to smile a rare occurrence, this garbage challenge may be just what you need.   The garbage can challenge was something I learned in the 70's.  I used it for the next 30 years with great success.  

Here is the garbage challenge:

If you are a dishwasher... and I am an assistant, manager, district manager or restaurant owner, you should hope to hear the following challenge:

"I am going to DUMP everything from your dish station garbage can onto the floor.  If I find any silverware in the garbage on the floor, you clean up the garbage off the floor.  If I don't find a single piece of silverware in the garbage, I will clean it up."

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Five Reasons to Fire the Restaurant Manager

A restaurant marketing plan can easily fail due to inaction or resistance of the restaurant manager.  No alarm bells will ring and no flashing lights will tell you the restaurant manager may be a problem.  Visiting a restaurant during peak times will many times reflect success... or failure.

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Daily Checklist for Restaurant Management

The restaurant business seems like a circus to an outsider.  To a rookie manager, the restaurant is an obstacle course with no easy answers.

To understand reality and get better results, here are example questions to ask in a daily restaurant checklist:

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Seattle Super Chef Restaurant Owner Saves Seattle Fireworks

Who makes a difference?  A restaurant owner can.  Specifically Tom Douglas "Super Chef" Restaurateur.  The video will tell the story about how a local business owner connects to his community.

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