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How Guests can Order from Your Restaurant Online with a Snap - Snapfinger



If its time to make your orders to go, Snapfinger may be the way to go.

Key Benefits of Program Include:

  • Customer self-service web and mobile ordering eliminates disruptive phone in orders
    and makes ordering take-out fast, convenient and easy
  • Customers pay your restaurant directly with each order, not Snapfinger
  • Credit card orders go directly into your merchant account or customer pays at pick-up
  • Your restaurant will gain exposure to new take-out customers from the millions of Snapfinger users and also through Google local search results.

When your guest decides to order lunch or dinner, the last thing they want to do is spend a lot of time placing the order. Online and mobile ordering are on the rise as more consumers recognize how fast and easy it is to place an order without having to pick up the phone. Snapfinger likes to think they had a lot to do with that!  

Those with hungry appetites may not be sure where they want to eat. With Snapfinger, they can find food to satisfy their cravings!  Guests and order online from over 28,000 of America’s favorite restaurants; search by location, cuisine or food type which allows them to also discover new restaurants in their local neighborhood.

Whether guests access Snapfinger online or from your mobile phone, it’s free, quick, and easy.

Snapfinger started back in 2004 when our founder and CEO Jim Garrett developed the first online ordering platform for the restaurant industry. He has since propelled the company to the top of the industry with multiple remote ordering applications for major restaurant brands including Boston Market, Outback, California Pizza Kitchen and many others.

All of the menus are delivered in real-time so if your restaurant is out of something, it won’t show up on the menu. If there’s a backlog and orders are taking longer to fulfill, Snapfinger can let the customers know when it’s going to be ready – no need to guess. Snapfinger even saves past orders, so if someone likes to stick with a favorite, Snapfinger makes repeat ordering a snap!  

There is also the option to place group orders on – great for business lunches, parties or even family dinners. In my humble opinion, it is worth checking out.
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