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The Benefits of Being a Restaurant Franchisee (Not)

Originally this was a response to an article about franchising on another website. Unfortunately, time has passed and the original website is defunct. The points made about the benefits of being a restaurant franchisee, or not, still matter. 

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When the restaurant consultant pitch happened to me

Who needs a restaurant consultant?  It appears "no one".  Especially since technology allows every restaurant owner to put on their menu:   “Prime Rib” since the ease of thawing and heating in an air tight package is simple and fast.  

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Dead Man Walking

In at least four scenarios during my 30 year career, you would have called me a “Dead Man Walking”.  This was the direct result of 70+ hour weeks working in the restaurant business.  The restaurant business was not to blame, nor were my immediate supervisors; it was much more related to a mindset for creating success.

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Meet Dan the Hardest Working Restaurant Owner

Dan … is a restaurant owner who enjoys cooking and avoids technology.  Working side by side with his staff is very enjoyable and Dan believes in leading by example.  There is no job in the restaurant he believes he is too good for.

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News is Bad - What Quiznos needs

Quiznos restaurants are having hard times.  The news highlights and hypes up the stress and potential disaster on a daily basis.  Here is a short list of what the articles talk about:

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List of Barriers to Restaurant Marketing


What is your belief about the barriers to effective restaurant marketing? If the belief is that business is poor because times are "bad", there are always bad times, During the worst of times, restaurant companies born and achieve great success.

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