Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

I Want to be a Restaurant Manager

This is a true story about an assistant manager who worked hard, followed directions well and aspired to be a restaurant manager.  She worked in my district under a general manager who had years of experience but lacked the typical “get up and go”.

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More than a paycheck

To be a successful leader you must understand the basic human needs and meet them well.   

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How Promoting a Key Staff Member Can Be Bad for Restaurant Marketing

The best restaurant marketing team might be the staff members themselves.  Since there is a preference to “promote from within”, you would think this would result in more success in the restaurant.

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The Pedestal

Put the staff on a pedestal.  If those on the staff are not true believers, the restaurant marketing campaign fizzles.  The staff must believe that the management has their best interest in mind when making decisions.  It is important for them to believe that the "ownership" is watching out for their income. 

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