Don’t Get Duped into Duplicating Work

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Fri, May 16, 2014

The Greek myth of Sisyphus tells the tale of a man condemned to rolling the same giant boulder up a hill for all of eternity only to have it roll back down each time. There are times when handling work around the office can echo this myth and make us all feel like Sisyphus. How many times have you moved a paper or project across your desk, only to have it reappear still undone or needing your attention once again?

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The Best Video Ever For Improving Productivity

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Sat, Dec 15, 2012

This video will show you how to improve your productivity.  In fact, it does such a good job with explaining how to improve productivity that you will be celebrating in a big way.  Since you are the boss of you and have the ability to make your own judgment about what is most important, you (with an entrepreneurial mind) is looking always for the next big thing.  After you watch the video and follow the principles, the next big question you will have:  "What would I do with extra time each day?" 

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How to be more productive in your business [video]

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Sat, Feb 18, 2012

To be more productive, follow these simple steps:

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Get over it, they are undependable

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Fri, Jan 06, 2012

Success depends on people and  people in essence are undependable.  Productivity WILL NOT improve if you continue to rely on undependable people, machines, systems and businesses. 

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How to organize receipts for tax time with technology [infographic]

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Thu, Jan 05, 2012

Tax time?  How can it be faster and easier to organize the receipts?  If you have manila envelopes, flat boxes and discipline; your job is already done.  If not, you have two choices:  The old fashioned way:  Muscle and Time.  The 21st Century method:  An App on the smart phone or a scanner and email. 

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Time Management, Productivity, Project Tracking Software | RescueTime

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Fri, Dec 16, 2011

"On average RescueTime 3 hours and 54 minutes worth of productive time per week per person."  RescueTime is a tool that allows you to easily understand and optimize how you and your team spends their time and attention. RescueTime gets it done with NO DATA ENTRY. RescueTime is all automatic.  You install a small application on the computers of choice and the software and web sites which are actively being used is automatically tracked.

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