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9 Reasons Why All Startups Need Video Marketing

Video is not a new concept. It has been one of the key startup marketing ideas for years. However, while in the past, video was simply an afterthought in a brand's marketing campaign; today, it is an essential element of all successful growth hacking - especially for startups.

But what is so important about startup video marketing? Here are the top nine reasons why all startups need video marketing in 2019:

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15 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Startup

Is your business idea the next unicorn waiting to be launched? Or is it just another also-ran with no growth potential?

These questions can lead to sleepless nights for any aspiring entrepreneur. Luckily, there is a way to know if your idea will be successful or not, by validating it before you begin.

Here are 15 questions to ask before building your startup and commit significant time, money & resources. 

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How to Launch a Successful SaaS Startup

Even though software as a service (SaaS) is a well-known business niche for several decades, the interest to this product distribution model remains on the verge of its popularity. 

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10 Apps and Tools for Entrepreneurs to Write a Winning Business Plan

You are highly motivated; you hear others say ‘you are a genius, and you just had a million-dollar idea. Even with a genius idea for a new business, you know the importance of getting your idea down in a well thought out plan. It is no secret that a majority of business startups fail in the first four years.

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Do this Entrepreneur Savvy Test BEFORE you start a business

Are you thinking that it would be great to work for yourself?  As an entrepreneur, do you feel that you may have more choices and the opportunity to "get rich"? How many times have you looked in the mirror and said: “It’s time to say goodbye to the boss”?

While you may have a great talent and/or the idea of the century, there is more to being successful as an entrepreneur. There is a mindset, some call it a personality, and I would call it Entrepreneurial Savvy.

Most entrepreneurs have good energy, are persistent and no doubt create resources where there seem to be none available. Creative problem solving is included in their arsenal along with the ability to make decisions. I often refer to them as being “M.A.D.” (M.A.D. = Making A Decision).  Many times you will see entrepreneurs who have a great ability to motivate, persuade and inspire others, which are all aspects of a good leader.

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10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea [infographic]

The best idea in the world has no value without execution.  Even so, perfect execution does not make up for a start up idea which is flawed.  

In the past, one of the favorite rules is "You have tried to kill your idea."  The best ideas from brilliant people often come have a one sided view.  The idea is amazing but without an understanding of either the market or the competitors... it is doomed to fail.   Being first to market can be critical.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Starting a Business

An entrepreneur’s life is a windy, twisted road.  Starting a business is exciting but for the less experienced entrepreneur, there can be traps and pitfalls.  Here are five business success tips to keep your focused and give you hope.

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Founder of Yotpo Shares Best and Worst Experiences during a Startup

The Best and Worst Experiences
During the Startup of Yotpo

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