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The Theory of Success - Jesse Henry at TEDxFSU discovered the formula


When its a theory, does it matter? The theory of gravity exists and we take the existence of gravity as a fact. If we have enough science and proof behind the theory, it soon becomes a fact. At this point, with a plethora of corroborating evidence, the TEDx talk below by Jesse Henry should in reality be a "Fact". Which might change the title to "The Facts and Reality of Success".

Fair warning, Jesse Henry will begin with a "rope-a-dope". Instead of feeling resentment, you will have an appreciation of his perspective and it will draw you in.

Watch Jesse's TEDx video to learn the three things that catalyze success:  

Perspective, Strategy and Execution. 

What Jesse Henry says about success is so spot on, you will be hungry for more. You can follow Jesse via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This year Jesse launched a new website  where you will find his blog and a free ebook offer available - "Successful Shenanigans". 


Keep a notepad handy as you watch the TEDx presentation
- Jesse refers to other studies you will want to refer to as well.  

There are two kinds of people in the world.

If you are a talker you still have value. (Don't let anyone tell you otherwise) Doers need you talking to spread the word about what they built.


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