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Business Startup Failure Rates [infographic]

Reviewing the infographic about business startup failure rates, it appears that a mobile game business may be the best opportunity.  If you do create a mobile game, do me a favor?  Please create a game which has some educational value that will help people gain skill and knowledge.

The world is shifting to respect the environment and the infographic shows there will be an increasing demand.  If you are about to open a restaurant with a high failure rate, how your restaurant has a positive impact on the environment might be an added consideration.

While the e-commerce potential continues to have a bright outlook, the definition of e-commerce is also changing.  Consider how the mobile world allows a customer to order a product online while walking the store aisles and then approach the checkout with the product, ready to go. offers more data about why failure rates might occur:

Leading Management Mistakes

  1. Going into business for the wrong reasons
  2. Advice from family and friends
  3. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time
  4. Entrepreneur gets worn-out and/or underestimated the time requirements
  5. Family pressure on time and money commitments
  6. Pride
  7. Lack of market awareness
  8. The entrepreneure falls in love with the product/business
  9. Lack of financial responsibility and awareness
  10. Lack of a clear focus
  11. Too much money
  12. Optimistic/Realistic/Pessimistic

In regards to #11 - "Too much money" -  Does too much money cause over-confidence and arrogance?  I have seen it happen. Yes, too much money can become a barrier to success.

Here is the infographic to show you the risks: presents What’s the change a startup business will fail - Infographic

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