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Guerrilla Marketing for Restaurants With Zillow

Zillow is a free tool online that almost anyone can use to create a quick and simple restaurant marketing campaign in their local community. You may think of this tool as a real estate website but a guerrilla marketing expert sees opportunities for restaurant marketing in the most unexpected places.

Below you will see maps from  Each map will show yellow dots showing which house have been sold recently.  There is an option to choose how recently the homes were sold.  This guerrilla marketing tactics for restaurants will come in handy because in essence there is a very targeted market to folks who may not have boxes unpacked, who don't know the area and may have literally no friends yet.

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23 Direct Mail Marketing Companies with Easy to Order Online Printing

Direct mail marketing for restaurants with new technology and online printing appears to be easy and potentially rewarding.  Marketing is a little art and a little science. Using an online marketing tool that only requires the click of a mouse does not ensure a successful campaign.

Bypassing experts who have been doing graphics, printing and mailings for years is a risk.  Very careful consideration is needed before you click the "buy now" button when using an online printing company.  There is a good chance what you see is not what you expect and it may not arrive when you expect it.  This will leave you reordering and any potential cost savings can go out the window.  Testing a service with a small print job is a must to eliminate human error while you learn the ropes.

I like using the online tools for guerrilla marketing campaigns.  The goal is to create unique personal invitations to a specific group of people with a relevant message.

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