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Business Success Story Video from Matt Cutts: Google SEO Report Card


What would happen if your business did what Matt Cutt's talks about in this video?  Would you see better success?  Is everyone too wrapped up in search engine bots and failing to ask enough about what real people want and need? 

Isn't there a problem in that change is an absolute and the chances of knowing which technology will do what is yet to be determined.

HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog - Hiring a SEO Consultant

We often get asked, "How can I find a good SEO consultant?" as well as "How do I know whether they're doing a good job?" It can be difficult-- no government certifications exist for SEO consultants.  A few of us at HubSpot sat down together and developed a guide and some questions to ask search engine marketing consultants that you are consider hiring.

7 Steps for Hiring a Good SEO Consultant

  1. Determine your goal for hiring an SEO consultant - What do you hope to accomplish?  Are you looking for more long tail keyword rankings?  Are you looking to rank better on specific keywords?  If you aren't specific and don't have realistic goals, it's hard to determine whether you're getting anywhere.  It also makes it extremely easy for someone to take your money and run or just keep on asking you for money.  You might also discover that you don't really need a SEO expert to accomplish these goals.
  2. Learn a little bit about SEO yourself - You're hiring someone else to be the expert but some rudimentary knowledge will serve you well to evaluate and work with a good one.  Read 1 or 2 blog articles and watch a webinar on SEO.  Try to do a little SEO yourself.  You don't have to spend all days on it to start building a good foundation and you can always hire someone-- you'll just be more informed!
  3. Compare metrics - How many customers have they worked with?  What did they achieve for their customers in improvement in keyword rankings, inbound links, and most importantly, organic traffic?  How long did it take?  The HubSpot Service Marketplace listing of providers for the On-Page SEO service minimally show the number of customers, Customer Happiness Index, and growth in Organic Traffic achieved by providers.

Read more:

Now you have the tools to hold yourself accountable for holding others accountable.  Yep, it is more work.  Considering the risk?  Worth it!

Business Meetings of the Future - Virtual or Face to Face?

business photo

To push your paradigm, challenge your business meeting processes, here is a recent article based on an interview of experts.

Helpful information about copyright and licensing stock imagery for business


Appear in Seth Godin's Next Vook? Share a Business Success Story

linchpin book
Share the business success story and shine the light on those who make it happen.

Vook and Seth Godin team up again.  Get your pen out and share a story about a staff member who works for your business.  Success stories are in next to you.  Just pause and look around.

Business Webinar: Push Button Tech Tools, Doing Twice as Much in Half the Time

Michael hartzell push button tech tools

Ever wonder how to do more in a day?  It's time to dig into my bag and share the tricks and tips few know in the upcoming webinar series.  Sign up.   It's guaranteed to make you think twice about where you spend your time and money each day. 

Create Business Survey for Free | What do you think of this example?

Article Thumbnail

Business decisions are better made with information.  Bad decisions = No Business Success.  Here is a good example for how to improve business:

Videos | Will the future business owner depend on the Semantic Web?

creative  commons

Videos can be powerful tools to motivate, inspire, educate, edutain, and of course for marketing a business. 

Square: Business can take credit card payments with no merchant account


The rules of business are changing.  This new service can add to your success.  With Square, anyone can accept credit or debit card payments by downloading the app and plugging a little plastic cube into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android phone. After a quick swipe of the card through the reader, the merchant turns the device over to the customer to sign his or her name on the touchscreen using a finger instead of a pen. The customer can add a tip, either by percentage or a particular amount, and then enters their phone number or email address. In the best case, the receipt message will buzz in the customer's pocket as an email or SMS text message while walking away with their purchase.

The Best Free SEO Tools for your Business Success

best seo for business success

The Best Free SEO Tools for your business success:


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Business and Product Reviews Future Consideration in Google

bazaar voice google

Your business can have better success from positive word of mouth.  Word of mouth comes in the form of online product reviews.  If your business sells on Amazon or eBay then you know they have been using various forms of feeback and reviews for years. 

Online Business Model Checklists for Your Success

business plan

What is your business model online?  How successful will you be if each of the tasks you see on the business models below were on your personal to-do list?  Can you be an expert in each of them?  How long will it take to become proficient? The Internet is not simply a phone book and is much more complex than you may realize.

Google vs Google | Business Success Tips from Sam Richter


List Business Local Search | Get Found in Search Engines $9.99 a Month

list business local  on internet

My purpose here is simple:  I am going to make a case.  The case is:  Have an online presence without coding, without programming, and without big money.  In less than an hour and for about $10 a month, you can have an online presence.  Even if your business does not have a website, even if your business does not do twitter, Facebook or Biznik.  I am going to show you how to take advantage of local search with an investment of an hour of your time and $10 a month.

State Budgets Chart from Wall Street Journal Impacts Business Success

budget deficit chart

Is your business in debt?  Is there profit and success but no cash at the end of the month?  The states are also having a shortfall of money.  Where is the money?  Someone has to have it.  If the money is spent then who has it? 

How to Have Business Success when Facebook Changes the Game

facebook for business

Business success depends on more than just clicks but the added clicks can't hurt.  There is a new button and more pages.  Facebook has a like button.  (You will see one up in the right hand corner, go ahead and give it a click).

Brad Swartz | World Champion | Business is 1st Page of Google in 7 Hours

business on google #1 page

How can you find yourself or your business on the first page of Google in hours?  First follow the advice that Benjamin Franklin's quote gives: 

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