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How to Choose the Right Push Button Tech Tools

push button tech tools

The never ending supply of push button tech tools baffles even the best entrepreneur.  Success is not always based on acquiring the latest software program.  Just as the electric screwdriver is now a way of life for the construction worker vs. the manual screwdriver so is the importance for having the right software to stay competitive. 


dike drummond

Business success barrier:  Selling.  To overcome the selling barrier, we have invited Dike Drummond MD to be a guest today.  Dr. Drummond focuses on key issues with a combination of education and inspiration which should help you find that "ah-ha" moment for how to sell better.

Create Twitter Infographic with Tweet Graphic Explorer

tweet topic explorer resized 600

Tweet Graphic Explorer takes your tweets and creates an infographic automatically.  Add this Twitter for Business tool to your analytics arsenal.  The results show a visual summary of what your Twitter topics are focused on. 

Hungry or Guarded AKA Inbound or Outbound

seths blog inbound outbound marketing

The solution to business success is:  Wake up and start marketing more.  Be original.  Be unique and unbelievable.  Walk to the beat of your own drummer.  Show your passion and have a vision.  It's easy to do when you have someone who tells you how to act and how to think.

ERP Questions Answered and a Move to Cloud Computing

erp software system changes

At what point does a small business owner get questions about ERP software answered?.  (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)  ERP software is NOT simply accounting software.  With enterprise software, business leaders attempt to analyze the business quickly with one commonality in reporting.  To get the questions answered about enterprise resource planning software, we have turned to the expertise of Gerry Poe. 

Kieran's List Coffee Club - Business Success Stories

kierans list coffee club federal way

Kieran Murry "gets it".  He understands how to create business success by connecting the online and offline worlds.  You will find Kieran and Sherri leading Kieran's List Coffee Clubs around the Puget Sound area of Washington State in the cities of Federal Way, Puyallup, Tacoma, Lacey, Lakewood, Fife and Renton.

Know Your Stuff Free Online Inventory Software

know your stuff 3

Prepare for the worst in your business:  floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire, divorce, thieves and other unfortunate surprises.  It might be boring but once completed, it is much easier to keep up and you will sleep better at night.

Faster Faster Faster Internet for Broadcasting Your Own TV Channel

comcast 105Mbps resized 600

Yesterday, Comcast raised the bar for over 40 million homes which have Comcast internet service.  They will be able to sign up for Comcast Extreme 105. This is the Comcast offering which will provide users a 105Mbps download speed and a 10Mbps upload speed. The service has been marketed since last year, and it now looks as though Comcast is ready to implement the service.

Test your Internet speed to see how significant the new service speed would be to your business.

Go ahead and email prospects a second time

icon marketing

What is considered email spam?  How many times can email be sent to a prospect?  You have chosen the best email service, you have finished inbound marketing training and you are hoping to conquer the world or change the community with your product or service.

How Entrepreneurs Can Handle Rejection: A Writer's Perspective

entrepreneur rejection

"Success is just around the corner" is the mind set but turning the corner only to find more rejection can stump even the most persistant entrepreneur.  A business success tip may fall short when support is needed.

How Ads Kill Websites Video from SEOBook


This video from SEOBook shows examples of websites with ads.  The point SEOBook video narrator makes is:  Ads Kill Websites.

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Founder of Yotpo Shares Best and Worst Experiences with Startup


Allow me to introduce you to Tomer Tagrin.  Tomer is the founder of and he offers special insights into his experiences as an entrepreneur.  Tomer does not hold back and he calls it how he sees it. 

Business Technology Video: The Evolution of Mobile

anroid windows phone resized 600

Business Technology News:  Vodafone brings you The Evolution of Mobile using cutting-edge 3D Projection techniques.  This is the first small-scale projection mapping installation using a hand-held camera.  The video The Evolution of Mobile starts from the Motorola brick phone through to the first text message and colour screen to GPS and Android.

Do Not Track Legislation - Will it pass?

do not track

Are you aware of the new legislation to limit the option for advertisers to track consumers activity online?  The "Do Not Track" law is in debate. An example of the discussion can be found on PCWorld at:  PCWorld article on California’s Do Not Track Legislation (quotes NetChoice)

Gliffy: Free Online Diagram Software


Diagram Software fast and easy.  Gliffy is a free online software tool. 

Small Business Tax Mistakes Infographic


Intuit is on the ball with the latest blog article talking about tax mistakes small business owners make.  Note that the deadline this year is April 18th.  Can't make the April 18 Deadline? Use Free File to e-file Form 4868, an extension to file. *see video below.

WEB 3.0 Quiz

web 3 quiz 1

It is difficult to keep pace as the Internet phases into WEB 3.0.  There are many entrepreneurs who have yet to harness WEB 1.0.  As you read TechTalk on, the proverbial gauntlet is thrown with an observation by Tim O'Reilly followed by a WEB 3.0 quiz.

The Science of Social Media Video


To understand social media fully, you must add the science of social media.  Social media marketing may be thought of as a touchy feely topic since the word 'social' is attached.  Once you begin to drill into more numbers, you will find there is much more.

The motivation behind tech innovation [comic]

The Joy of Tech comic
Full story at Joy of Tech via Geekosystem.
Now look in the mirror and squint just a bit.
Imagine seeing a comic character.
Are you saying "I want to be just like..."?
Turn the excess noise off from the so-called competition and listen to the crowds.  They are already showing their wants and needs by the blogs they read, the places they hang, and the products they buy.
Did you know the lightning photo you see above was taken by me?  It is not a copycat.  It is an original. 
Your turn.
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