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Hiring Virtual Characters to Engage Customers for Business Success

chatbox virtual characters resized 600

Virtual assistants, avatars, and virtual characters can be hired with a click and may help the entrepreneur to achieve business success.   Using virtual characters is still a new way of thinking that requires a large paradigm shift.  For a quick review of virtual characters, we will reference an expert on the topic.

50% of read tweets generated by less than 1 percent of tweeters

twitter for business

Social media marketing is becoming like traditional marketing with a twist.  While it began as "conversation and connection", a recent study posted on Yahoo Research shows how roughly 50% of the tweets are generated by an estimated .05% of Twitter users.  Media is the top producer of information and, of course, we could have guessed that celebrities were the most followed. 

Entrepreneurs Doing All-Nighters Get High

brain gets high

The Journal of Neuroscience shared findings in a recent study which underscores the need for people seeking business success in high-stakes professions and circumstances not to shortchange themselves on sleep.

Marketing Basics: Creative Identity and Branding

marketing branding identity

Branding.  How many books and articles have been written about marketing and branding?  My soapbox for entrepreneurs includes "branding is a symptom" and is the result of consistently over-delivering products or services vs. what is promised.  A small business owner does not always have the resources or foresight to create a high impact image like larger companies do.  Which comes first?  Will it be what people say about your business?  Or is it the result of a marketing plan which specifically decides the brand identity? 

Content Farms


"My website is not a content farm!" "What do you mean I am farming content?"  "My website is a review site, not a content farm!"  The exclamations and indignations are rampant.  Sensitivity and embarrassment are mixed with anger and regret.  Have you heard someone say:  "Sure, I borrowed a bit, took short cuts, and why not?  It is America!  We are free to pursue happiness and capitalism."

Blekko: The Next Generation of Search Engines

blekko resized 600

How will the new generation of search engines impact entrepreneurs?  Inbound Marketing has search engines at the core of the process and we must keep our eyes open to the potential changes. 

How to Blog: The Relevance of Parables, Metaphors and Acronyms

how to blog

Learning how to blog and get found in search engines is not too difficult.  If there is not a limitation of creativity, titles can be confusing or misleading. (Apple might, in reality, be an apple.)

Inbound Marketing Results

inbound marketing results

Does inbound marketing work?  Below is a video with search statistics, a graph which shows the organic traffic results for the last 15 months using inbound marketing, and a recent news article which talks about smart companies investing millions of dollars into a company committed to inbound marketing.

The Top 100 Blogs According to Technorati

technorati top 100 blogs

The top 100 blogs list has been announced by Technorati.  Technorati is the leading blog search engine and directory; indexes more than a million blogs.

How to be Original


Business success tips are tossed out like candy and one which is repeated consistently is:  "Be original" or "Have original content".

How to make a catch phrase and bonus video


If an entrepreneur has a simple catch phrase that has a message bigger than life, it just may get a life of its own.  The catch phrase in and of itself will never be enough since they are usually attached to a story or a powerful vision.

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Outsourced IT, Featuring the Help Desk Solution

david eisner award

This is an article about help desk services and outsourced IT by the CEO of Dataprise, David Eisner.  David Eisner was named the 2010 Tech Council of Maryland's Executive of the Year.

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