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LinkedIn for Business Questions, Asked and Answered.


LinkedIn.  Ever wonder about the true purpose and how it is relevant?  Business professionals are looking for jobs, marketing, learning, collaborating and recruiting.  (and spying?)

Visual Showing Which Types of Business Show Most Internet Traffic

business traffic on internet

This snapshot shows which types of business have the most traffic on the internet.  BBC News has a great treemap showing many more details  SuperPower: Visualising the internet 

A treemap is a way of analysing large amounts of data in a small space
In this example the top 100 websites have been depicted in proportion to the number of unique users they received in January 2010 A history of treemaps from the University of Maryland
The maps were produced using the Prefuse Flare software, developed by the University of California Berkeley.

Apparently people go online to use the search tools and portals.

Business Social Media Study Says Consumers Are More Likely To Buy


New consumer research shows  over 50% of Facebook fans and Twitter followers say they are more likely to buy, recommend than before they were engaged

Is Business Technology Far Behind with $99 Moby Tablet for Education?


Is business technology getting behind the education system?  Marvell is announcing the $99 Moby Tablet for Education. You’ve seen a video of Marvell’s 4.3″ Tablet prototype shown at CES based on the Marvell Armada 600 processor. The Moby tablet is based on the same Armada 600 platform but comes with a larger screen (probably 10″).  Sure you can read more about it right here.


Virus From Facebook? Keep Your Business on Alert!

business alert facebook virus

Is your business on Facebook?  Don't think everything is perfect in the land of Facebook.  Clicking links without paying attention can set you back.  It seems there are quite a few different virus strings going around.  There is an application that claims to allow users to see who has been viewing their profile or photos.

Breaking Business News: Auction May Not Take Place

business domains from sedo

Breaking news about a business opportunity rarely found came to my email inbox and thought it would be good to share with a few of my friends.  

Affiliates Beware: Will Your State Kill Your Business with Amazon Tax

business success news release

So what will you do if your business success depends on affililate income?  Move to another state?  Listen carefully.  Stay in touch with Quansite.  Set up Google Alerts for Affiliate Tax (or other related terms).  Sharpen the saw with weekly news updates from your government or "watch organization" such as The Tax Foundation.

Business Pays $95,000 in Attorneys’ Fees and Legal Costs

business success NewsThink twice about when you advertise your business products and services.  Here is where the Attorney General of Washington State has stepped into the game.  It seems there are too many high pressure pitches with false claims by some businesses.

March 2, 2010

Penguin Windows settlement lays out acceptable marketing practices in black and white

SEATTLE – As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage window sellers to be transparent in their marketing, the Attorney General’s Office reached a settlement this week with Mukilteo-based Penguin Windows.

First-timers Comprise 80 Percent of Business Blog Traffic

Website Magazine

Uh-oh.  "Things are not always as they appear" is again ringing in my head.  Here is an article about the buying habits of those visiting busines blogs.  (I hope you are blog about your business.)

Business Success based on: "Failure is an Option" 4.1 Billion Cell Phones


Press Release Tips for Small Business

press release for business success

Time to think about the press release option again.  If you wonder "What if I was to do a press release about my business?"  "What is the 'best in the world' in my product or service?"  "What is it about the business this week that is new, exciting, wonderful, ground breaking?  What is news-worthy?"  What will happen to the perception of your business?  Is is the usual stuff?  Or is there that little something you just have to share?

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