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Confusion About New Cookie Law in UK - Will it Spread to USA?

cookielawinukThe new browser cookie law in the UK goes into affect on May 26, 2012.  It has been a year since the law was put on the books which has given online marketing businesses opportunity to prepare.  Most are not prepared for the new law which does not allow cookies to be used without the consent.

Businesses marketing on the Internet in the UK are not ready.  According to a poll by the UK DMA, 47% of UK marketers aren’t confident that they’ve met the requirements. The confusion lies in what exactly constitutes “consent” from the consumer.

How to Choose a Business Structure Infographic

business structure

How to choose a business structure that helps you meet your objectives is not a simple task.  There are many structures to choose from when it comes to starting a company. provides business owners with the information. 

Get Ready for Guerrilla Marketing as Congress May Permit RoboCalls

guerrilla marketing with robo calls

Hot news.  If you love guerrilla marketing opportunities, this news about robot calls may be up your alley.  Regardless of how you feel about the tactics yourself, if executed on a more personal level, there are opportunities to have high impact campaigns:

Mandatory Sick Leave Bill About to Pass

mandatory sick leave bill

A mandatory paid-sick leave ordinance will be passed by the Seattle City Council after a majority of members on Thursday signaled they would vote for an amended version of the controversial idea that had been opposed by some business interests.  Reported by the SeattlePI

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Internet Providers Will Now Be Copyright Cops says Wendy Seltzer


This news report by Bloomberg is more than illegal copyright downloading and copyright cops.  It is about who (or what) will become the final control point for accessing the virtual world.  If the Internet can't be controlled, it might certainly be taxed.  While no one owns the Internet, the services providers can certainly tabulate, monitor and control the input. 

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Creative Commons - Pseudonymity and Anonymity for Internet Marketing

creative commons ebook

Websites, social media and the Internet feed psuedonymity and anonymity while claiming "copyright" to their content.  It is simple enough to give yourself a fake name.  Even under a fake name you can own the copyright to content.  Your Twitter name can be a meme, mantra or brand.  Your eBay name can reflect the product you sell.  No one needs to know your real identity.  Even a website which has photos, videos and content can be fake, fake, fake.  The more technical term is that the website owner could have "psuedonymity and/or anonymity".

New timesheet app to help ensure workers receive all wages earned


"The fact that the Department of Labor is offering a free app enabling employees to track their own time and providing them with guidance on how to file a wage and hour lawsuit should serve as a wake-up call to any organization that isn't currently using an automated system to track employees' time."   John Hollon, Vice President for Editorial, and Board Member of The Workforce Institute

Do Not Track Legislation - Will it pass?

do not track

Are you aware of the new legislation to limit the option for advertisers to track consumers activity online?  The "Do Not Track" law is in debate. An example of the discussion can be found on PCWorld at:  PCWorld article on California’s Do Not Track Legislation (quotes NetChoice)

Does Bankruptcy Clear IRS Tax Debt?

grey rule 02m

As 2010 comes to a close, it is time to tackle taxes and planning for your business.  If you are an entrepreneur who believes that debt is overwhelming and bankruptcy is the next step, here is an article from Wystan North:

Affiliates Beware: Will Your State Kill Your Business with Amazon Tax

business success news release

So what will you do if your business success depends on affililate income?  Move to another state?  Listen carefully.  Stay in touch with Quansite.  Set up Google Alerts for Affiliate Tax (or other related terms).  Sharpen the saw with weekly news updates from your government or "watch organization" such as The Tax Foundation.

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