Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Free Online Magazine Subscriptions for Restaurant Professionals

Restaurant Marketing Idea #432 is:  Listen by using "search" on free magazine subscriptions for restaurant professionals and restaurant owners.

Reading online magazines can keep the juices flowing.  Put them in a bookmark on Delicious (or your browser) and once a week 'sharpen your saw' by choosing one of the resources below.

Then input every free restaurant magazine into the search tool.  You could subscribe, but remember that your time is short and isn't your inbox already full? Be selective.  An alternative is to subscribe via an RSS feed. I use Feedly to keep up with specific websites.

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News is Bad - What Quiznos needs

Quiznos restaurants are having hard times.  The news highlights and hypes up the stress and potential disaster on a daily basis.  Here is a short list of what the articles talk about:

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