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True Restaurant Story About The Garbage Challenge

If morale is low in your restaurant and if getting people to smile a rare occurrence, this garbage challenge may be just what you need.   The garbage can challenge was something I learned in the 70's.  I used it for the next 30 years with great success.  

Here is the garbage challenge:

If you are a dishwasher... and I am an assistant, manager, district manager or restaurant owner, you should hope to hear the following challenge:

"I am going to DUMP everything from your dish station garbage can onto the floor.  If I find any silverware in the garbage on the floor, you clean up the garbage off the floor.  If I don't find a single piece of silverware in the garbage, I will clean it up."

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Five Places to Find Funds for Restaurant Marketing

Free restaurant marketing is my preference. However, if you understand the importance of investing in a restaurant marketing strategy, here are a few tips on where to look for funds.  The goal is to ear-mark dollars which can then be invested and re-cycled as each marketing campaign pays off.  If your restaurant has a sales issue and is short cash then investing in anything, especially marketing, seems an impossibility.

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Don't Use Business Cards for Restaurant Marketing

Why do you have a business card?  What is the purpose of spending money to have a company print business cards? The intent today is to change your perspective.

 Over the many years in the restaurant business, the only people who wanted a business card were people who wanted my time or money. Think about what a business card truly does for you in your restaurant business.

It provides your name, email, phone number, website address, online ordering site, fax number, name of business, title and of course the address (for snail junk mail?).

Since you are in the restaurant business, the game is NOT the same as other businesses. And think about whether you have many of the tools others do. To create a gourmet meal, it does not require any of these items which are found on the business card:
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How to Reduce Costs in Your Restaurant


Too often over the years, when things get tough, cutting costs is the primary objective. The accountant or boss says "Cut costs in the restaurant by 3% next month."

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