Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Restaurant Marketing Planning Spreadsheet Now Available

A new restaurant marketing spreadsheet is now available.  The new restaurant marketing spreadsheet is an Excel worksheet which can be used on your computer or it can be printed out the size of a poster as a planning tool for a wall in the office.  Your local printer such as FedEx/Kinko's should do if for approximately $10.

The restaurant marketing planning spreadsheet is flexible for you to change/edit to fit your own business.  Narrow down the very long list of marketing tactics to about 12 to 15.  Which marketing tactics you choose will depend on your community, resources and your team. 

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Daily Checklist for Restaurant Management

The restaurant business seems like a circus to an outsider.  To a rookie manager, the restaurant is an obstacle course with no easy answers.

To understand reality and get better results, here are example questions to ask in a daily restaurant checklist:

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New Restaurant Marketing Idea: Email Newsletters - an Old Idea with New Data

New restaurant marketing idea:  Email Newsletters. Email marketing is not a new idea.  How many restaurateurs have an email list of at least 5,000?  Even in the days of dial-up Internet (1997), I already had an email list of about 5,000. How many have 20,000?  How many have 100,000?

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