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Skype vs TokBox

Do you have a question about whether Skype, Tokbox or Facetime is best?  To communicate long distances video chatting is helpful if you need to have a sense of body language.  By using a video cam, the person on the other end knows whether the listener is engaged or reading a book.  Which is the best tool for communicating? 


This short video shows the basic functions of Skype, Tokbox and Facetime.

Which tool is "best" depends on the type of call, the conversation and the relationships.  If it is important to know if someone in a meeting is paying attention, then Tokbox might be worth looking at.  If screen sharing is important then Skype may be the best choice.

Skype is more well known which means people will likely have familiarity with this tool.  Tokbox appears to be more important for those who believe face to face is important.

For business, I appreciate having tools which allow a screen to be shared.  Instead of doing a "tell", a "show and tell" keeps people in sync.  Showing ideas while talking about them speeds the conversation and leaves less to the imagination.

For webmeetings, options such as GoToMeeting, Fuzemeeting, Webex and many others are available.  These are paid tools and even if used very seldom become another way to nickel and dime your expenses.

There is no right answer since each entrepreneur has their own goal when connecting with others.

I believe it is a bit like anything.  Business owners now need to ask:  "How would you like to connect for a meeting?  Do you have a preference?"  How well someone harnesses a tool can make the difference between having a productive conversation or one where someone is asking:  "Where did you go?  I can't find you.  I was cut off.  What do I do now?"

The best software tool is not based on its power but how well it fits your particular need and how well it is accepted by the participants.  I use Skype and Fuzemeeting.  What's your preference?

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