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How Graphene Will Make Computers 100X Faster - Ainissa Ramirez

grapheneComputers could run 100 times faster in the near future.  Old pencils have a new twist.  It is not "lead" in those pencils, it is graphene. 

For materials-science fans, graphene is one of those substances that's easy to get excited about. Not only is graphene transparent and superstrong—a sheet with the thickness of Saran Wrap could support an elephant—but it also conducts electricity very quickly. It could lead to computer circuits that run 100 times faster.

Ainissa Ramirez, a Yale University professor of mechanical engineering and materials science, explains the basics of graphene and demonstrates its electrical property with pencil marks on paper. The video is part of her "Material Marvels" series.

Discovered by scientists that won the Nobel prize, graphene can be found in everyday pencils, is incredibly strong and super-conductive and will make blazingly fast computers and video games a reality.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, discusses how a layer of carbon that is one atom thick, called graphene, will revolutionize our lives.

The result will be more "waiting".  As the speed of computers is expected to increase, materials and other products are strengthened by graphene, the anticipation will cause buyers to "wait".

"What if the new computer or widget will be out of date in 6 months?" is already a thought in the buyer's mind. 

It is about to get even more difficult to stand out as remarkable, which means the importance of word of mouth marketing has been exponentially increased.

Go buy pencils.  They may be in short supply and worth a fortune soon.

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