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Time Management, Productivity, Project Tracking Software | RescueTime

"On average RescueTime 3 hours and 54 minutes worth of productive time per week per person."  RescueTime is a tool that allows you to easily understand and optimize how you and your team spends their time and attention. RescueTime gets it done with NO DATA ENTRY. RescueTime is all automatic.  You install a small application on the computers of choice and the software and web sites which are actively being used is automatically tracked.

RescueTime (Automated Time Tracking Software)

The best way to know what RescueTime does is to watch these videos:

How RescueTime Tracks Time Video:

How RescueTime can Voluntarily Block Distracting Sites Video:

RescueTime Tracking Reports and Graphs:

RescueTime works on both PC and Mac's.

The old school system will have you writing down activities on a pad of paper.  If you are a computer user, this free tool can help you get to the core of those "time wasters" online.  Those with a direct connection to instant messaging and Facebook will appreciate the "stay focused" tool.

For those people with no & low discipline, using RescueTime will be an important first step to getting more done in 2012.  If you are an "information hoarder" who needs an intervention, this software will open your eyes but won't be the cure. 

Surely there is a simple solution without the software.  You could simply write in your calendar in advance where and when you want to spend your time and then stick to the calendar.  Even when you are able to evaluate where the time is lost, it does not replace the calendar.

This tool only tracks online activity and whether you are offline.  If you are an offline/online business owner, you may have a back up system which tracks:

  • Phone calls
  • Personal visits
  • Chit chats
  • Road time
  • Planning activities
  • Delivery of product or services
  • Meetings

This is now on Android so you can begin to measure time on the portable device.

RescueTime is has a "free for life" version and may only provide bad news.  "You are wasting too much time" is not a positive message to receive unless you are hungry for learning how to be more productive as you conquer the world and change the community.

Sign up for RescueTime and when you have saved the extra four hours per week, you won't say "I don't have time for a free software trial". 

If you had an extra four hours per week, you can spend more time with inbound marketing to build sales.  More sales equals more profits.  Ready to save time, start inbound marketing and boost your sales?

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