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How to Name Your Broker Business Domain

If you introduce yourself as a broker, you may see eyes dart back and forth as the person you are talking to looks for an excuse to escape.  "Broker" in almost any context means "sales person".  The exception is when someone is already interested in buying or when they have something to sell.

Introducing and branding yourself as a broker is similar to branding yourself a doctor.  Doctors are more respected. Both "broker" and "doctor" are generalized labels which leaves more questions than answers.

In the new world of data and media, everything is indexed, including your services. When you dig deeper into Google's keyword ideas tool and ask for suggestions for terms related to "broker", there are many ideas provided:

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Domain Bias in Web Search - Free Whitepaper

Ever wonder "what's in a name"?  This whitepaper from Microsoft shows how "domain bias" is a new phenomenon as people become more familiar with the Internet.  Now that using search has become a habit and a first consideration for solving problems, the mental elimination of domain names has begun.

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4 Ways to Green Your Business

Change is never easy, but greening your business may be one wave easier to ride than being caught in its undertow.  Already many companies are coming under fire for being inconsiderate of the environment.  Others, like General Mills, Unilever, and even the Philadelphia Eagles are realizing that making one’s office or online business energy-efficient is about the most cost-effective thing they’ve done for the company.  As you can read in this article, countless companies are finding innovative ways to save money and the environment, but here are five easy ways to green your business to get you started.

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