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Matt Cutts on Press Releases

After reviewing a few comments from Google's infamous Matt Cutts about press releases, sharing the results with you seemed the right thing to do.

The topic is more than just about press releases however since we are really interested in getting better authority and ranking on the Internet.  We are interested in how ranking is search engines is possible via press releases.  

Why this matters to me:  Understanding the ranking factors in search engines helps to solve the of lack of awareness.  It is unacceptable that entrepreneurs and small business owners who are AWESOME offline are not getting recognized in the same way online.  There are too many special companies which impact the community and offer value which are not getting found.  Can press releases be tool to improve ranking and SEO?

A question came to Matt Cutts about priorities:

seo insights

The video where Matt Cutts talks about the priorities:

As you watch the video, what is the reality of getting better love from search engines and Google?  

Link building?  Or user experience?

press releases links

From Google Product Forums - Webmaster Central:

links from press releases not beneficial

You will note the general discussion is leaning towards: "Press releases can be viewed as buying links and will not benefit the user." 

While press releases may have ranking power, companies such as BusinessWire, PRWeb and PRNewswire have authority online.  The press releases themselves may very well be ranked and become a doorway to a website (should the announcement be relevant).

Press releases do have their place in any marketing plan and offer many opportunities for both guerrilla marketing and inbound marketing but at this point, it is probably best to think more deeply about what Matt talks about:  "the user experience" to gain ranking authority in the search engines online for the long term. Press releases have a thumbs up but for reasons other than link building.

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