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3 Steps to Successfully Turn Family Members into Employees

There is no denying the potential perks of hiring a member of your family.  With insight into their strengths and weaknesses, an established level of trust and a desire for both of you to succeed, employment within your kin seems like a no-brainer.  But before you start adding your loved ones’ names to your payroll, prepare and protect yourself from these possible pitfalls.

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Does Your Business Need an Answering Service or Live Virtual Receptionist?

Key Takeaways:

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Getting Awesome Design Work Done on a Very Tight Budget

Outsourcing design jobs can be difficult. You want to get as much bang for your buck without sacrificing the quality of the work. Design jobs can also be very subjective. You'll want to work with a person who understands your vision for the design and can translate that to something that works for you. To achieve this, you'll need to find a talented designer who'll fit your style of work and who'll communicate with you as often as you need it.

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You can charge anything you want but Fedora will do it for $3.33 per hour

How much you charge for something may not have any direct impact on your sales and profits.  If you charge $1,000 an hour for services, but if no one accepts it, then the high fee becomes a path to low sales and profit.

  • If you have no one looking for your product or service, you will use a "pitch" to convince someone there is a need and get a sale.
  • If there are buyers who are hungry and searching feverishly for your product or service but see a large buffet of choices, you will send the message about how your product or service is either:  the best quality, the cheapest, the most valuable, the fastest, the most trustworthy.
  • If your business is one of a kind and people need you more than you need them, I hope you hear them knocking at your door. 

Charging by the hour will leave any entrepreneur open to hiring someone else offering a cheaper price.  

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