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How Stress at Work Causes Death [infographic]

Stress is not only holding you back from being successful, it may be literally killing you.  If you are an employer, it is on your shoulders to stay very aware of the work environment to know the the staff is stressed.

What is interesting is that collaboration can reduce stress and by doing so, potentially save jobs and lives.

To this point, take note on the infographic which talks about how middle age workers who have poor relationships with their colleagues are 2.4x more likely to die sooner.  One solution is:  Go Power with Greenlight Thinking, to change the culture of your company.

That said, the data shows that bosses had no ties to an early death.  Sorry, I hope this is not dissapointing to you.

The statistic you might appreciate the most is the "least stressful jobs":

  1. Audiologist (Least stressful)
  2. Dietician
  3. Software Engineer
  4. Dental Hygienist
  5. Speech Pathologist
  6. Philosopher
  7. Mathemetician
  8. Occupational Therapist
  9. Chiropractors

It appears if your business is one that employs others on this list, you have an advantage for ensuring a low stress work environment.

In this infographic, almost half of people on the job say their job is excessively stressful.


The next step is yours to take. 

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