Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

How Promoting a Key Staff Member Can Be Bad for Restaurant Marketing

The best restaurant marketing team might be the staff members themselves.  Since there is a preference to “promote from within”, you would think this would result in more success in the restaurant.

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Finding Money for Restaurant Marketing and Services

The boss says: 

“Your budget is $25 a month for LSM (local store marketing).  Build restaurant sales and stay within the budget.”

The vendors and banks are shouting (using the mail) for the bills to be paid which leaves the restaurant owner asking:

“How can I do restaurant marketing or invest in software and services such as Inside Hospitality offers with no money?”

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To succeed, restaurants should serve up the right coupons examines top restaurant coupons and provides best practices   – There is a growing demand for coupons from restaurants and yet not enough establishments are taking advantage of this opportunity to bring in additional business.  Coupons & cash back website examined their top 100 restaurants based on domain traffic, restaurant-specific coupon searches and popularity on to identify which discount methods are most commonly used by restaurants.  

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Simple Facebook Marketing Tips Every Restaurant Should Know

If the slew of fix-‘em-up cable television shows have taught us anything about the restaurant business, it’s that running a successful restaurant is incredibly difficult. Not only does a restaurant owner have to worry incessantly about the cleanliness of the establishment, the quality of the food, payroll and mortgages and taxes and food costs, and whether or not the restaurant’s employees are performing their duties correctly, but then there’s the matter of advertising to the public.

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Forget about coffee, Taco Bell serving Mtn Dew for breakfast FirstMeal

It may be too late for this restaurant marketing idea.  Taco Bell has already announced its new roll out of serving Mtn Dew A.M. as part of the morning breakfast offering. (Note:  Taco Bell does not call it breakfast, they refer to it as FirstMeal)  Instead of focusing on coffee as a morning pick-me-up, they have chosen a Mtn Dew. 

Breakfast, which Taco Bell calls “FirstMeal,” is a growing segment of the fast-food cycle. McDonald’s and Wendy’s have ramped up their breakfast menus. Even IHOP is refocusing on the a.m. time period. At quick-service eateries, morning menus account for 92% of overall traffic growth in the last five years, according to research group Technomic.
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45% of Workers Say They are Less Productive Without Coffee

If 45% of the workers say they are less productive without coffee, then why don't you sell more coffee?  The third heaviest coffee drinking profession is the education admistrators. Who qualifies?  Principals?  In that case, a restaurant with outstanding coffee must be at the center of their universe.  

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Gun to the Head Marketing Results

Restaurant marketing is not top of the mind for most restaurateurs.  In any larger restaurant company there is a need to execute consistently, control costs and protect their brand.  Only a small portion of time is committed to focusing on the most important piece of the business:  Profitable Sales Increase.

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Which Marketing Plan to Choose: The Waiting Game or The CopyCat

Having a copycat marketing plan in place may beat the waiting game marketing plan but why wait?  With the future looming and studies showing how behaviors are changing, why wait?  Who makes the first move?  Which restaurant manager is willing to raise the bar by changing their reputation?  Who will lead the pack and which business will survive with “same-itis”? 

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How to Get 98% of Messages Read with Narrowcasting via SMS and Text Messaging

Is narrowcasting better than broadcasting?  Some will show how text messages are opened 98% of the time.  Compare this to 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened. Therefore, companies that market through SMS/MMS have a far truer reach.  Considering that previous data shows that those who use text messaging are on the inner circle, the users are keeping an eye on the texts to stay in touch with those who matter.

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Google+ Local for Restaurant Marketing

Google has been on a consolidation spree as of late, compressing everything from privacy policies to products and services. Google Places now knows the feeling as it was recently merged into Google+, the company’s social network that has been the beneficiary of numerous integrations. This is actually great for local businesses, so let’s take a look at how restaurants can dig in and take advantage.

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BAD Restaurant Marketing Salespeople

Without a doubt, one of the downsides of the restaurant business is “bad, uninformed, uneducated and hyped- up salespeople” selling the next marketing tool, marketing service, marketing product, advertisement. 

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1,000% return on your restaurant marketing investment

How does a restaurant management team expect to learn how to have a successful restaurant marketing plan?  Do you start with the slower and cheaper method?   One great book on business might provide the answer and inspiration and give you a 1,000% return on investment.  (In a perfect scenario.)

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