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Forget about coffee, Taco Bell serving Mtn Dew for breakfast FirstMeal

It may be too late for this restaurant marketing idea.  Taco Bell has already announced its new roll out of serving Mtn Dew A.M. as part of the morning breakfast offering. (Note:  Taco Bell does not call it breakfast, they refer to it as FirstMeal)  Instead of focusing on coffee as a morning pick-me-up, they have chosen a Mtn Dew. 

Breakfast, which Taco Bell calls “FirstMeal,” is a growing segment of the fast-food cycle. McDonald’s and Wendy’s have ramped up their breakfast menus. Even IHOP is refocusing on the a.m. time period. At quick-service eateries, morning menus account for 92% of overall traffic growth in the last five years, according to research group Technomic.

Mtn Dew A.M. is a beverage made with Mountain Dew and Tropicana Orange Juice and is mixed in stores. The beverage will sell for $1.69 for regular and $1.99 for large.

The A.M. Crunchwrap is a breakfast version of Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme. The morning version is made with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, cheese and a hash brown, wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla. The item will retail for $2.49.

Taco Bell adding breakfast itemsTaco Bell serves more than 36.8 million customers per week and has nearly 5,600 U.S. restaurants.  Which of them are rolling out the the new Mtn Dew AM and Crunchwrap?

Download the complete list of restaurants here.  If you own or manage a restaurant and serve breakfast, you will want download the list.  What is your marketing idea to keep your customers from taking advantage of the convenience of Taco Bell?

It is difficult to believe that Mtn Dew A.M. can be a coffee replacement for Americans and it will be interesting to see how many make the switch.

It is good to see that the beverage offerings are going beyond the 50 year old cola, non-cola and diet options.  How will you change your beverage offerings to offer more variety.

If there is a trend for restaurants to grab more of the breakfast market by ramping up their menus, how will that change the game for you?

Will you go with: Healthy, cheap, fast, quantity, value, unbelievable, combos, international, delivery?

No one is yet delivering breakfast with a latte.  It is just a matter of time.

"Good enough today is not good enough tomorrow."  -  Michael Hartzell

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