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45% of Workers Say They are Less Productive Without Coffee

If 45% of the workers say they are less productive without coffee, then why don't you sell more coffee?  The third heaviest coffee drinking profession is the education admistrators. Who qualifies?  Principals?  In that case, a restaurant with outstanding coffee must be at the center of their universe.  

The seventh biggest coffee drinker is the food preparer.  If you are a restaurant owner, your own employees are craving coffee and in the top 15 professions that drink the most coffee.

Out of the 4,700 workers who were included in a survey conducted by CareerBuilder and Dunkin' Donuts, 60 percent of them said they drink at least two cups of coffee daily and nearly half admitted that their productivity would be affected without their daily java. 

Japanese coffee-lover and blogger Ryoko Iwata created the infographic below based on the survey's findings: 

What restaurant marketing ideas can you think of when reviewing the infographic?


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