Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Modern Hospitality: Social Media With A Smile [infographic]

The infographic that predicts the future.  Over the course of the next 12+ months, the culture will continue to change and at the center is personalized computing.  

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Establish Restaurant Credibility by Using Photos on Facebook

If you run a restaurant and have a Facebook Page and you’re not posting pictures, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. The aroma of what’s in the ovens isn’t going to convince anyone not already on site.

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American Express Partners with Foursquare to Eliminate Coupons

American Express has formed a partnership with Foursquare and others to change coupon offers from traditional to digital.  Eliminating the scissors and envelope to automation will speed the transactions and improve data collection.  (and reduce employee fraud?)  

American Express and the social networking service Foursquare have launched a partnership that enables American Express card members who link their Foursquare profiles to their cards to "load" to mobile devices and redeem merchant specials without the need for coupons or special codes.

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