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Key Ingredients to a Winning Mobile Content-Marketing Strategy

marketing Of the many ways customers may find themselves on your website, the likely driver of traffic is via mobile phones.  The latest statistics from Pew Research tell us that 56 percent of Americans own a Smartphone and many use these devices to browse the Internet.   Does your content-marketing strategy take these changing trends into account?  As a business owner, you may run your business from a Smartphone, so you know the importance of a website that’s tailored to your mobile phone for ease of use. As you develop a winning mobile content-marketing strategy, keep in mind these key ingredients for success.

Strategize based on how your audience uses mobile devices.

An efficient mobile content strategy requires an understanding of what’s trending in marketing and your audience’s mobile usage.  You may think you know your customers, but the reality of their mobile usage may in fact be quite different from your presumption.

Your audience profile must focus on how mobile fits into your customers’ lives.  Which devices do they use?  What type of experience are they seeking from your business?  Targeted surveys and data from existing website analytics can give you the mobile insights necessary to form the foundation of your mobile content strategy.

Rethink your user experience.

Every business needs a website that looks good and functions efficiently on mobile devices.  If users have a difficult time finding information on your site, or it’s hard to navigate, you’ll lose customers.  Mobile design goes far beyond functionality, however.  Make sure you’re providing the best experience visually, and sharing content and the tools your customers need to achieve their goals.  Place your focus first on excellent customer experience, then go ahead and optimize the visuals.

Take advantage of location. 

Geolocation technologies now give businesses creative ways to engage their customers.  From sending market research surveys to offering promo codes to boost sales, mobile devices are the foundation and driver of these campaigns.  Contemplate how location-based technologies may encourage engagement with your customers.

Mobile goes beyond just the device.

Yes, of course your content needs to be optimized and look great across different brands of tablets and Smartphones.  But remember mobile also is about the behaviors of your customers when using their devices.

What are users doing on their Smartphones?  Are they browsing the Web while relaxing in their living room, or sneaking peeks while in rush hour traffic?  Your content strategy must grasp a thorough understanding of your users’ mobile context to enable you to build the best experience for your customers.  You need to provide each visitor of your website assurance and trustworthiness and the ease of accessing what they’re looking for via their mobile device.

With the growing opportunities to reach and engage current and prospective customers through mobile, businesses can stay relevant through the creation of mobile-focused content marketing strategies.   Concentrate on mobile activities that drive website traffic, promote engagement and generate sales.

What ingredients make up your mobile content-marketing strategy?

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