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New Restaurant Marketing Idea: Email Newsletters - an Old Idea with New Data


New restaurant marketing idea:  Email Newsletters. Email marketing is not a new idea.  How many restaurateurs have an email list of at least 5,000?  Even in the days of dial-up Internet (1997), I already had an email list of about 5,000. How many have 20,000?  How many have 100,000?

In the new world of media, it is unfortunate how many restaurants see guests arrive and then leave as strangers. 

A restaurant connected with their guests should be able to create contests, drawings, clubs, birthday gifts, collaborations and invitations to gather email addresses. Its not too late.

Notice the graph below showing the open rates for newsletters.  (Newsletters are different from a general email campaign.)

MarketingSherpa is an OUTSTANDING source for graphs, data, and survey information.  Sure the data may apply to big picture vs. your local community but it does offer more than you have now.

Here is the latest chart:

New Chart: Email Newsletter Response Rates

marketing sherpa email graph

SUMMARY: They wanted to know how the performance of B2B email newsletters compares to the performance of B2C email newsletters, so they asked nearly 1,500 marketers.

Check out this week's chart to learn how B2B email newsletters compare to B2C email newsletters in open rate, clickthrough rate and conversion rate.

Click here for Sherpa analysis > 

Every restaurateur needs to create targeted mini-marketing campaigns. For example, business owners and managers have specific needs.  Morale, meetings, events, recruiting and 'impress the boss day' are but a few.  Your newsletter may open new opportunities.

Take what is now an old concept and re-vamp it to meet your local community needs and support the businesses in your area. At the same time you can keep them up to date about the latest menu offers and events.

  1. Here is the best email marketing management services list on the planet.
  2. Here is where you can find restaurant forms and restaurant marketing calendars.  (There is always a reason to celebrate.)

What is keeping you from sending your email newsletter? 

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