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How to Eliminate Excuses from Staff About Restaurant Marketing


Excuses.  You hear them daily. Excuses can become a habit, an instant response or a "profound reason" as to why there is no time, no money or no understanding for how to do restaurant marketing.

Here is a prediction, one of two scenarios will occur:

  • Next month restaurant sales will be up. There will be reasons.
  • Next month restaurant sales will be down.  Excuses will be heard.

Both are a symptom of restaurant marketing activities. Both can be influenced.

A restaurant marketing strategy will consider opportunities for the short term while laying a foundation for long term growth. 

For example...

The phone and the old fashioned phone book still offer opportunities. Call a business, church, organization, school... etc. 

Would you like to have a party package delivered to your staff on _______________?


Would you like to have a party package delivered to your staff on ______________? 

Marketing for restaurants can be as simple as invitations - over and over.  When low on funds, the direct approach with time and innovation seems slow but can double sales over the course of a year when done consistently. 

Over and over.  Offer no excuses for why it can't be done.

30 day restaurant marketing option:

Attend any and every event in the community for 30 days, have prizes available (won by drawing) and make invitations over and over.  The number of people attending the events will range from 10 to 200.  The most important part of the plan will be to meet the leader(s) who are working overtime to lead a group. 

No excuses. 

Improving restaurant sales and having a healthy business is not always based on skill.  Getting it done with will power and persistance has paid off in a big way.

It is possible for a team with high energy and a simple message to make invitations, even if they do not possess high marketing skills.  Those who are 'too smart' can think of excuses more easily.

Restaurant marketing is not glamorous and in fact, can be tedious.  When this becomes true more often than not, use menu items as part of the marketing campaign.  Carry packaged samples and give out moments of pleasure.

If the food your restaurant serves does not bring pleasure with each bite, there are recipes available now more than ever before.  Pick one your grandmother loved.  (And say so as you hand out the sample.)

It is work but the process works.  The results seems slow if your measurement is based on feelings vs. facts.  In reality, the percentage of responses is quite high.

Something to remember:  Once a guest walks into the door, what is the number of times they turn around and walk out?  Almost never. 

The restaurant marketing goal is "get them in the door" or to "make a call for an order" or in the new world of the Internet and apps... inspire them to "click and order". 

Excuses Begone:

With a 3 X 5 index card.  Have everyone on the team write each excuse as they come to mind on the 3 x 5 index card.

The excuses will reference:

  • Why are sales not growing over the next 30 days?
  • What is the reason that even the simplest restaurant marketing not being done?

Read the excuses aloud at the next meeting.  (No names)

Then with each excuse, pause and ask the team for suggestions which either shows a way to overcome the perceived obstacle or why the excuse is not relevant. 

The team as a combined unit will shine.

There will be laughter.

There will be uncomfortable moments. 

The answers will come and the excuses will be eliminated one by one - by the team, as they give suggestions and feedback.

Include everyone (Even yourself)

No more excuses please.

"The quality of life is determined by its activities." Aristotle

"The quantity of sales is determined by activities."  Michael Hartzell

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