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"Can I have the holidays off?" (Employees & Managers Ask)

The best and worst time of the year for restaurant owners and managers might be the holidays. Restaurant leaders and managers who are eager to please, who make decisions based on fear and wish to be liked more than respected will respond with  "Sure, you can have the holidays off".

A simple "yes" can be a shortcut to disaster and will doom a restaurant for months 

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Make Your Own Gift Certificates or Hire a Gift Card Services Company?

'Tis the season to think about the holiday gift card options.  Will you make your own gift certificates or will you hire a gift card services company?  John Harris from Lynch + Harris offers certificate and gift card ideas and options. 

The Gift - Savvy Merchant

A Must for Independent Retailers, Restaurateurs & Service Establishments

By John S. Harris

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Restaurant Marketing Research via Trick or Treat

We did a a little restaurant marketing research on Halloween.  Instead of just handing out candy, we thought it might be interesting to learn what kids love.

Here is what we put on a tray for their selection:

  • Pencils (skeleton and other odd shapes)
  • Oatmeal treats (for healthy reasons of course)
  • Small toys / trinkets (Halloween in nature)
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